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Application of Ilmenite

Publication:Dec.13 2016
Published by ruidow

Titanium raw materials including ilmenite, rutile,leucoxene and other selecting products, such as synthetic rutile and titanium slag. Among them, ilmenite is the largest and the most widely used raw materials.
Ilmenite can direct used for production of tio2 pigment or ferro-titanium,it can also be processed into titanium slag and upgraded titanium slag.The artificial rutile can used as raw materials for the production of sulphate process tio2 pigment, chloride process of tio2 pigment, titanium tetra-chloride, titanium sponge and other products. In addition, ilmenite also processed into reduced titanium and used for the production of welding rod.

The tio2 pigment industry is the largest application field of ilmenite.Among the  global consumption, 91% of ilmenite used in the production of tio2 pigment. The rest of used in the production of titanium sponge (4%) and other purposes (5%), such as welding rod, ferro-titanium etc..

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