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Zirconium Carbonate Date

Latest update:Dec.15 2016

Keyword:zirconium carbonate

Description: Zirconium carbonate import data with company,unit price,amount, quantity;please email to beth@ruidow.com

Monthly data of China tio2 pigment Enterprises

Latest update:Dec.13 2016


Description: The data include the china major tio2 pigment manufacturers's monthly output and consumption of raw materials

China TiO2 Market Analysis Report

Latest update:Dec.13 2016

Keyword:china tio2 market

Description: China TiO2 capacity grows from 1.14 million tons to 3.1 million tons during the period from 2006 to 2014 with an average growth rate of 13.3%

Application of Ilmenite

Latest update:Dec.13 2016


Description: The tio2 pigment industry is the largest application field of ilmenite.Among the global consumption, 91% of ilmenite used in the production of tio2 pigment. The rest of used in the production of tita

Chinese zircon concentration market

Latest update:Dec.13 2016

Keyword:zircon concentration

Description: In order to meet the domestic demand, zircon sand imports amounted to 852,000 tons in 2013, of which Australia accounted for 53.3% of the total volume, South Africa accounted for 22.7%. China has beco

China garnet ore market

Latest update:Dec.18 2016

Keyword:garnet ore

Description: China garnet mining beds mainly located in Xingtai Hebei,Yuanqu Shanxi, Dangfeng Shaanxi,Donghai Jiangsu,Shangdong Rizhao, Sichuan ABA and other areas.The annual output arrived at more then 470,000 to

Analysis report of import zircon sand in 2016

Latest update:Dec.18 2016

Keyword:import zircon sand

Description: Until end of 2016, China import zircon sand from 19 countries and regions, a total of imported zircon sand and concentrate XXX tons, the total amount of XXX U.S.D, the average price is XXX U.S.D/

Zircon sand monthly import data

Latest update:Dec.18 2016

Keyword:zircon sand

Description: Monthly zircon sand import data with company name and price please email: beth@ruidow.com

Mica powder export data

Latest update:Dec.18 2016

Keyword:mica powder

Description: The data with company and unit price,quantity,destination. please email to beth@ruidow.com

Synthetic diamond powder export data

Latest update:Dec.18 2016

Keyword:synthetic diamond powder

Description: Monthly synthetic diamond powder export data, please connet with beth@ruidow.com

Rruidow Customized Rare Metals Market Research

We provide customized rare metals reports for the industry participants, new investors, banks, financial institutions. All the reports are client confidential.

Please directly contact wangxue@ruidow.com to specify your Market Research.

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