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China Rare Earth Industry Report mainly covers basic information of rare earth, national and provincial policies on the industry in the past years, development of upstream and downstream industries, cost control in production process, updated rare earth projects at home and abroad, major rare earth enterprises in China, and etc.


1 Introduction
1.1Report structure
1.2 Confidentiality and disclaimer

2 Rare earth industry overview
2.1 History of rare earth market
2.2The application of end-use market
2.3 Relevant market

3 The characteristic of the rare earth
3.1 Rare earth resources
3.2Exploration and separation
3.4 Recycling of rare earths

4 The supply of rare earth products
4.1 The capacity of rare earth products
4.2 The capacity of rare earth oxides
4.3 The capacity of rare earth metals and alloys.

5 The costs of rare earth production
5.1 Costs structure of comprehensive industry
5.2Costs of rare earth crude minerals
5.3 Costs of rare earth oxides
5.4 The main factors to drive cost and the development trend

6 Demand of rare earth and market
6.1 The traditional market demand
6.1.1 Metallurgical machinery
6.1.2 Petroleum and chemical industry
6.1.3 Glass ceramic
6.1.4 Agricultural and textile
6.2The market demand in the field of new materials
6.2.1 Rare earth permanent magnet
6.2.2 Rare earth luminescent materials
6.2.3 Rare earth polishing material
6.2.4 Rare earth hydrogen storage materials
6.2.5 Rare earth catalytic materials

7 Rare earth price
7.1 Overview of rare earth prices
7.2The supply of rare earth 2011-2015
7.3 Analysis of rare earth price 2011-2015

8 International trading and price fixing of rare earth
8.1 Import and export of rare earth products
8.2 Rare earth products export analysis of 2011-2015 
8.3 Import and export of rare earth permanent magnet of 2011-2015

9 Industry trends and Prospects
9.1 The existed trend
9.2 Prospects of 2016-2020

Appendix 1: glossary of terms, abbreviations, acronyms,
Appendix 2: rare earth policy summary (1985-2014)
Appendix 3: the main producer of rare earths and profile


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