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05 2017
9th Global Zircon Conference 2017 The “Global Zircon Conference” held by Ruidow is responded po..
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Zircon Annual Review includes the supply and demand analysis of major upstream and downstream products of zirconium industry for the previous year and industry forecasts for next year.


1 Overview
1.1 zirconium industry
1.2 zircon sand production process
1.3 overview of China's zircon sand exploitation
1.4 confidentiality and Disclaimer
2.China zirconium product price trend in 2014
2.1 zircon sand price trend
2.2 zirconium silicate price trend
2.3 the price trend of ?zirconium oxychloride
2.4 ?fused zirconia?price trend
3.Analysis of zircon sand supply
3.1 domestic zircon sand supply
3.2 analysis of the import of zircon sand in China
3.3 Regional export zircon sand location
4.Analysis on the demand of zircon sand
4.1 overview
4.2 zirconium silicate demand of zircon sand
4.3 zirconium oxychloride  demand of zircon sand
4.4 ?fused zirconia demand of zircon sand
4.5. total demand of zircon sand in 2014
5 Analysis of supply and demand of zircon sand in 2014
6 China zirconium market development prospects
6.1 China zircon sand supply forecast
6.2 China zircon sand market demand forecast
7 Summary

  • Zircon Annual Review

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