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Domestic titanium ore and acid slag Market affected by Downstream market weakening

Jun.12 2019      Source:ruidow

Keywords:titanium ore

  Recently, due to the gradual weakening of downstream demand, the domestic ilmenite and acid slag market has also been affected, and the prices of some products have slightly declined.

  Around the Dragon Boat Festival, the price of Panzhihua 20 titanium ore ranged from 1120 to 1150 yuan/ton (ex-factory), the price of acid residue has also been reduced to 3900-3950 yuan/ton due to the downstream market downturn, which is about 50-100 yuan/ton. Several large mines in Panxi still stick to the previous price, but it also reveals that downstream customers are facing sales pressure and hope that large mines can adjust the price of 10 titanium ore appropriately. A large mine also revealed that the company will consider whether to adjust the next month's sales price of titanium ore appropriately according to the later market conditions.

  Compared with last year, this year's domestic mines have not been constrained by environmental factors and forced to reduce production, which makes this year's domestic titanium production maintained at a high level. Most industry insiders believe that the performance of the first five months shows that the downstream market demand performance is not as good as that of the same period last year, which results in the downward pressure on the domestic titanium ore and acid slag market. Regarding the future market trend, most people say that the titanium market will still be under pressure. From the end of May to the beginning of June, 20 titanium ore will fall according to acid slag enterprises, the prices of titanium ore and acid slag are falling at the same time, which makes the impact buffered. If the price of titanium ore is further lowered in the later period, the price of acid slag will also be reduced, and the impact on enterprise profits can be offset.

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