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Titanium Market Review(5.20-5.24)

30 May 2019      Source:ruidow

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Panzhihua titanium concentrate market quotation this week is basically the same as last week, some manufacturers (such as a large state-owned titanium concentrate production enterprise) in order to maintain the old customer relationship, transaction prices slightly reduced by 10-20 yuan/ton, however, some manufacturers due to lack of inventory still keep old price. As to import ore, high-quality  titanium concentrate is not large, and the quotation of some merchants is stable. The Australian titanium concentrate quoted by an importer is about 1800 yuan/ton with tax due to its good quality. As of Friday, the mainstream quotation of 10 titanium concentrates in Panzhihua area does not include tax, 1140-1165 yuan/ton (cash deal); the mainstream quotation of 20 titanium concentrates does not include tax, 1180-1250 yuan/ton; the mainstream quotation of 45%  titanium concentrates in Yunnan area does not contain tax, about 900 yuan/ton (acceptance); and Mozambique titanium concentrates > 50% are delivered to domestic ports are quoted at about 190 USD per ton without tax, and Kenya titanium concentrate > 49% domestic port delivery is quoted at about 175USD per ton without tax.


Titanium slag

This week, Panzhihua area, in addition to a large titanium slag production enterprise a smelting furnace continued to stop production and maintenance, another titanium slag production enterprise also temporarily suspended production, is expected to resume production by the end of this month. Titanium slag market has been running steadily this week. As of Friday, the mainstream tariff quotation of high titanium slag > 90% is 5800-6000 yuan/ton, the mainstream tariff quotation of acid slag in Yunnan is about 3800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream tariff quotation of acid slag in Sichuan is about 4000 yuan/ton. North Titanium Slag Plant has been expanding production and is seeking to establish a bottom-up supply chain.

Tio2 pigment

This week, the titanium dioxide market continued to operate weakly, downstream customers are still purchasing on demand, the actual transaction price is a single negotiation. The main factors affecting the titanium dioxide market are as follows: 1. Influenced by the devaluation of the exchange rate and other factors (such as the mid-price of RMB exchange rate: 1 USD to RMB 6.6911 on April 18th, and 1USD to RMB 6.8993 on May 24th, the export of titanium dioxide is better than the previous period, and many enterprises also express that foreign trade is better than domestic trade. 2. Influenced by the renovation of chemical industry parks and other factors, the demand of small and medium-sized paint enterprises has shrunk. 3. Titanium dioxide enterprises have a high start-up rate, sufficient market supply, and the number of enterprises whose market prices have "declined steadily" has increased. By the end of this weekend, the mainstream acceptance price of sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide market is 15000-16500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream acceptance price of anatase titanium dioxide market is 13000-14000 yuan/ton.


Sponge Titanium and Titanium Material

Raw materials, titanium tetrachloride, magnesium ingot Market  is basically the same as last week. New orders in the sponge titanium market began to increase, with fewer manufacturers in stock, and the overall market was strong. Due to the influence of raw material market, some titanium manufacturers increased their quotations, and the overall titanium market began to rise. Up to the time of publication, the mainstream tariff quotation of grade 0 sponge titanium is 69-71,000 yuan/ton, the tariff including price of TA1 titanium ingot (round ingot) is 79-83,000 yuan/ton, and the tariff quotation of TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) is 95-105,000 yuan/ton. Main raw materials of sponge titanium: magnesium ingot (Mg9990, no pickling, simple packaging) mainstream quotation is 16850-16950 yuan/ton; titanium tetrachloride transaction price is 7600-8000 yuan/ton.

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