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Radioactivity hinders the import of zircon from Xiamen and Guangxi

24 Apr.2019      Source:beth

Keywords:zircon sand

On March 6, Xiamen Customs, under Dongdu Customs, found that 81 tons of Nigeria's imported zircon sands were seriously radioactive beyond the standard. The Customs prevented unrelated personnel from approaching them and asked to contact local environmental protection authorities for further treatment. As a result, the zircon sand that has not been cleared in Xiamen has been hindered. In addition, the radioactivity standards referred by the customs are relatively so serioius that don't suitable for zircon sand, which causes some enterprises to worry about the import of zircon sand.

In fact, as early as the end of 2018 years at the annual meeting of zirconium, titanium and hafnium, the association has called for the formulation of unified standards for the zirconium industry. This incident makes the introduction of industry standards more urgent and avoids the "blind action" of various ports.

In addition, the recent explosion of Xiangshui Chemical Industry in Jiangsu Province has made the inspection of dangerous chemicals more stringent than usual.

However, editor believes that the occurrence of the incident will not hinder the import of zircon sand as some industry people fear. The development of China's zirconium industry chain has become an indispensable part of the national economic development, and It is believe that this incident will be solved eventually.

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