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Titanium dioxide: leading enterprises at home and abroad lead the post-holiday market by rising prices

Feb 14 2019      Source:ruidow

Keywords:tio2 pigment

Spring Holiday just ended, some domestic enterprises have not resumed production, but domestic titanium dioxide enterprises have released a heavy market signal - price increases.

Today, Lonmon Billions,the largest titanium dioxide enterprise in China, announced an increase in the price of sulfuric titanium dioxide, raising the domestic price by 500 yuan/ton and the export price by 100 USD/ton.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, VENATOR, announced an increase of 0.07 cents per pound (about $154 per ton) in the price of its products in the United States and Canada since February 1. It can be said that both domestic and foreign titanium dioxide enterprises have increased their prices at the same time, which has opened a good beginning for the new year's titanium dioxide market. In addition, some domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers are still on holiday, and the output of titanium dioxide is relatively low. Perhaps the tone of the titanium dioxide Market in February is also determined.

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