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China Zirconium Market Development and Prospect Annual Report 2018

Jan.09 2018      Source:ruidow


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Looking back on 2018, the whole zirconium market shows a trend of rising for the first three quarters and then decreasing. The Sino-US trade war, environmental protection newly implement policies and the establishment of Hainan New Free Trade Zone have become the key factors that can not be ignored in the zirconium market and bacame the crucial factores to affect prices trend.

The whole China 2018 ceramic output decrease 20% Y-on-Y in 2018.Under name of environmental protection, the government of Zibo, the second largest ceramic producing area in China, has reduced from more than 280 production lines to the remaining 60 production lines. The amount of zirconium silicate consumption in Shandong has changed fundamentally.

Zirconium oxychloride in Lomon Billions of Jiaozuo area has been planned to increase monthly production from 1000 tons to 1500 tons since May, and the excess production of zirconium oxychloride in China is still outstanding.

The export market of fused zirconia increased steadily in 2018. With the popularization of nano-grinding technology and the application of powder spheroidization technology, fused zirconia will replace chemical zirconia in more advanced ceramic fields.

Looking ahead, what black swan events will occur in the zirconium market in 2019? How will the market and price go? For further details, please purchase the 2018 Ruidow Annual Report of Zirconium Market.

China Zirconium Market Development and Prospect Annual Report 2018

1: Supply Situation of Zirconium Market in China

1.1 Analysis of Zirconium Production in China from 2013 to 2018

1.2 China Zirconium Production Forecast for 2019-2025

2: Market Demand of Zirconium in China

2.1 Demand Analysis of Zirconium in China from 2013 to 2018

2.2 China Zirconium Demand Forecast for 2019-2025

3:2018 China Zirconium Market Price Analysis

4: Analysis of China Zirconium Industry Chain

Market Change of Zirconium Silicate in 2018

Market Change of Zirconium Oxychloride in 2018

Market Change of Fused Zirconium in 2018

Review of Other Zirconium Industry Market in 2018

Total demand for zircon sand in 2018

5:2018 Zircon Sand Import and Export Data Analysis

Analysis on the Quantity of Zircon Sand Import in 2018

Analysis on the Change of Import Amount in 2018

Analysis of the Source Areas of Imports in 2018

Analysis of Import Price Change in 2018

6: Export Quantity of Zirconium Products

Analysis on the Change of Export Amount of Zirconium Products in 2018

Analysis on the Flow of Export Countries in 2018

Analysis of Export Price Change in 2018

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