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Zechang Titanium is published due to pollution

Jan.03 2019      Source:ruidow


On December 20, Kunming Intermediate People's Court held the press conference, notifying the conditions of the first instance for the Zechang Titanium pollution case. Zechang Titanium illegally built the slag warehouse and stacked about 140 thousand tons of sludge and ferrous sulfate waste slag and the acid waste slag percolate leaked due to the breakage of the slag warehouse. About 33,848m3 acid percolate flowed into Tanglangchuan River. For this, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “CBCGDF”) took Yunnan Zechang Titanium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zechang Titanium”) to court and filed the civil public welfare lawsuit.

Kunming Intermediate People's Court made the first instance judgment against Zechang Titanium: 1. Pay the environmental substitute restoration expense of RMB100 thousand and compensate the service function loss of RMB200 thousand incurred during the period starting from the time when the ecological environment is polluted to the time when the restoration is completed. Pay the above RMB300 thousand to the special relief capital account for the environmental public welfare lawsuit of Kunming City for the ecological environment restoration; 2. Pay the attorney fees and other reasonable fees of RMB50 thousand paid by CBCGDF for this case; 3. Make the apologetic statement in the newspapers and magazines with regard to the environmental pollution behavior; 4. Within 5 years since the date when the judgment takes effect, guarantee that the whole vegetation replanted as required on the waste slag stacking yard survives and report the conservation conditions to the court in writing on December 1 of each year. If Zechang Titanium is slack to perform the conservation obligation, the court will entrust other entities to perform the obligation for Zechang Titanium with the expense paid by Zechang Titanium; 5. Within 5 years since the date when this judgment takes effect, entrust the third-party environment detection institution to detect once the quality of underground water of the waste slag stacking yard respectively in January and August of each year and pay relevant expenses. In addition, submit the detection reports to the environmental protection department and court on December 1 of that very year.

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