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Thematic Analysis-Thematic Analysis of China Ilmenite

Dec.21 2018      Source:ruidow


Price-friendly factors:

Reduction of Panzhihua ilmenite production leads to decline of supply side

Price-unfavourable factors:

Downstream market performance is weak, and the price bearing capacity of ilmenite is weakened.

Increased inventories of imported ilmenite

Upward shift of product inventory focus

Although the downstream market showed signs of fatigue last month, the large mines in Panxi area insisted on not lowering prices, which promoted the overall stable operation of domestic titanium prices this month. But at the end of this month, some small miners in Panzhihua area reduced their prices by about 20 yuan/ton in order to recover funds in time. However, the price reduction behavior involves a small scope, which has no significant impact on the market, let alone on the price of large enterprises.

In the middle and late of this month, imported miners, forced by market pressure and year-end repayment pressure, chose to sell at a reduced price of about 50 yuan per ton, which led to the overall downturn of the imported titanium market.


With the deepening of the central inspection team in Panzhihua, all small and medium-sized concentrators in Panzhihua area stopped production in mid-November. In late November, two large mines in Panzhihua area upgraded their equipment, resulting in a further decline in titanium production in Panzhihua area this month.

According to preliminary estimates, the actual output of Panzhihua in November was 20-220,000 tons/month, and about 90,000 tons/month or more of production capacity was in a state of suspension.


Titanium dioxide industry: production reduction is obvious in North China and Sichuan.

High Titanium Slag Industry: Continuous decline in the price of high Titanium Slag has led to the reduction of production and the reduction of the purchase price of titanium ore.

Reduction Titanium Industry: The market is relatively stable and unchanged.

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