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Zircon market review(12.17-12.21)

Dec.21 2018      Source:ruidow

Keywords:zircon market

   Zircon sand quotations remain stable, but lower reaching prices are common. At the end of the year, the demand for zircon sand was declining. However, the cost of the concentrator is high, the profit is small, and there is not much room for price reduction. However, at the end of the year, the turnover is scarce, the financial pressure of enterprises is also great, or there may be some low-price selling.

  At the end of the year, more and more ceramics factories were shut down, and zirconium silicate sales were basically hard to reach deals. Now zirconium silicate enterprises are also starting to stop production. First, the market is cold and hard to sell. Second, the factory has been working for nearly a year. In order to produce stable and safe next year, equipment such as zirconium silicate production also need to be repaired. The whole zirconium silicate industry has initially entered the "holiday stage".

  The market of zirconium oxychloride is stable, the quotation has no fluctuation, and the low price transaction continues to exist. Domestic market turnover is slightly light, some enterprises will continue to maintain quotations until the Spring Festival, after the festival will choose whether to adjust prices according to market conditions. Although the domestic market is general, the export quantity of zirconium oxychloride is considerable, and the foreign market has eased some pressure on the production enterprises.

  The price of fused zirconium is flat with that of last week. The price of fused zirconium is on the low side and the price of some downstream enterprises is on the low side. Although the domestic market is general, but enterprises said that they will not easily reduce prices, first, cost stability, second, the market environment is not very good, maintaining market stability is easier to conclude transactions.

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