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The project of Lomon Billions Group annual output of 30,000-ton new titanium alloy materials and distributed energy officially started

Dec.11 2018      Source:ruidow

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  On November 18, the project of Lomon Billions Group annual output of 30,000-ton new titanium alloy materials and distributed energy started. After the project is completed and put into production, Lomon Billions Group will become the first enterprise in China with a complete industrial chain of “titanium ores -- titanium slags -- titanium tetrachlorides -- titanium sponges -- titanium alloys”, and will develop from the largest titanium dioxide production base in Asia to the largest high-end titanium alloy production enterprise in Asia.

  Lomon Billions Group introduced the production technology of titanium dioxide first in 1988. Till now, the capacity of titanium dioxide is nearly 700,000 tons, and it has become the top leading enterprise of the industry in Asia and the fourth in the world. This year, the group was ranked 25th among the top 100 private enterprises in the province and 17th among the top 100 private manufacturing enterprises in the province.

  At the opening ceremony, Xu Gang, chairman of Lomon Billions Group, introduced that the project with a total investment of 2 billion Yuan and an annual output of 30,000-ton new titanium alloy materials relies on the company’s titanium ore resources and raw material advantages, and introduces the advanced full-automatic control production technology from abroad, which will reduce the production cost of titanium sponges and enhance China’s international competitiveness in the field of high-end titanium materials. High-end new titanium alloy materials are widely used in aerospace, marine engineering, medical industry and other fields. It is estimated that in the first half of 2020, the project will be completed and put into operation, achieving an annual revenue of 2 billion Yuan.

  The distributed energy project with an investment of 1 billion Yuan will provide sufficient high-pressure steam and electrical energy for strategic projects of Lomon Billions Group such as chlorination process, titanium sponges and high-end titanium alloys, and become the auxiliary thermal power center in the western industrial agglomeration district of Jiaozuo. The project is expected to be completed and put into operation in the second half of 2019.

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