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Market hesitated on Monday, rare earth prices were rigid

December 6, 2018      Source:ruidow

Keywords:rare earth

On Monday, the market was in wait-and-see mode. Compared with last Friday, the mainstream offer was stable; the lack of strong demand brought a low transactions. However, the slow recovery of metal prices also gave upstream enterprises confidence, and market trend was still active.


With the increase of listing price in the Southern China and the strong positive impact, the prices of Dy-Tb in the medium- heavy sectors were still rigid. Producers continued to be reluctant to sell, and market was bullish in the near future. In addition, the Raw Materials Department of the MIIT went to Inner Mongolia to investigate at the end of last month. This inspection was mainly for the implementation of the "Special Supervision Notice for Organizing and Developing Order Rectification of Rare Earth Industry" issued by the MIIT recently.


The inspection focused on the implementation of policies of rare earth enterprises; whether the production strictly organized in accordance with the total amount control plan; whether smelting and separating enterprises purchased and processed illegal rare earth mineral products; whether resources comprehensive utilization enterprises processed rare earth mineral products; whether trade and circulation enterprises traded illegal (incl. imports) rare earth products.


Towards the end of 2018, quotas of major groups have come to an end. In addition, with the publicity of the production situation of the mineral and smelting separation plants of the six major groups, the public can track and trace the mining separation situation more effectively. The MIIT inspection ensured that the quantity of production and supply in the upstream is guaranteed within the legal target; effectively controls the quantity of mining in the upstream, and to a certain extent helps to shrink the supply of rare earth in the upstream. It is positive to current market conditions.


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