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Nearly 200 pottery enterprises in northern China entered the shutdown period

Nov. 19 2018      Source:ceramic information

Keywords:ceramic market

Since November 15th, the North China has officially entered the heating season. According to incomplete statistics, affected by heating season and fog early warning weather, nearly 200 ceramic enterprises in Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places have stopped production at staggered peaks and entered a four-month winter kiln shutdown period.

In the past two days, ceramics enterprises in North China's prolific areas are stop production one by one. According to people familiar with the situation, ceramics enterprises in Neihuang, Hebi, Ruyang, Pingdingshan, Gaoyi, Zanhuang, Hancheng, Fuping, Qianyang and other producing areas in Henan will stop production around 15 days and enter the kiln-stopping period. In addition to individual natural gas-fueled enterprises, there are nearly 200 ceramic enterprises that have stopped production, including those that have voluntarily stopped production before.

From the standstill time, most of the production areas require from November 15th to March 15th next year, while some of them require from November 1th to March 31th for up to five months.

Compared with previous years, this year, the production areas clearly put forward that in the peak season , strictly prohibit "one size fits all". But in fact, all coal-fired ceramics enterprises are still required to stop production except gas ceramics enterprises.

According to the analysis of some enterprises, it is almost impossible for coal-fired ceramics enterprises to stabilize particulate matter below 10%, which means that it is very difficult for coal-fired enterprises not to stop production at heating season.

In addition to the market downturn, the heating season will also cause a great loss to ceramic enterprises. In the view of most ceramic enterprises, the loss of customers caused by long-term shutdown is the biggest loss of ceramic enterprises.

In order to maintain customers, some ceramics enterprises are ready to switch to natural gas for production. In their view, although they lose money, it is also worthwhile to ensure the basic stability of customers and the normal start of construction next year.

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