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Titanium market review(Nov.05-09)

Nov. 12      Source:ruidow

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According to vanadium and titanium trading center incomplete statistics, Panzhihua area this week produce about 50,300 tons of titanium concentrate (including 428,000 tons of 20 ilmenite and 74,000 tons of 10 ilmenite), 10 titanium concentrate market turnover is general. Imports of titanium ore overall performance is stable, individual importing miners decrease price to lower the inventory. As of Friday, the mainstream quotation of 10 titanium concentrate Market in Panzhihua area does not contain tax 1165-1200 yuan/ton (cash), the mainstream quotation of 20 titanium concentrate market does not contain tax 1250-1300 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of 45% grade titanium concentrate Market in Yunnan area does not contain tax is 980-1030 yuan/ton (acceptance), Mozambique's domestic port delivery does not contain taxe is 175-185 dollars/ton, Kenya's titanium mine domestic port delivery does not contain taxe is 165 dollars/ton.

Titanium slag

This week, the titanium slag market was flat and stable. As of Friday, the mainstream tax-containing quotation of acid slag in Yunnan is 4100-4300 yuan/ton; the mainstream tax-containing quotation of acid slag in Sichuan is 4300-4400 yuan/ton; and the mainstream tax-containing quotation of high titanium slag (titanium dioxide (> 90%) is 5910-6100 yuan/ton.

TiO2 pigment

In November, the weather became colder, the domestic titanium dioxide market entered the the off-season period, and some foreign market demand was not ideal. Some domestic titanium dioxide production enterprises had a certain amount of inventory, and the mainstream price of titanium dioxide market basically maintained the level of last weekend. The mainstream tax quotation of sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide is 16,000-17,800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream tax quotation of anatase titanium dioxide is 13,700-14,800 yuan/ton.

Titanium sponge  

This week, there is still a gap in the supply of raw materials for titanium tetrachloride, but the price remains stable; affected by environmental protection, some magnesium ingot enterprises have the intention to increase the price, but the price remains stable because of the stable transaction in the overall market; sponge titanium supply and market demand have declined, but due to the impact of environmental protection. Most manufacturers have no inventory pressure for the time being, and some orders have not yet been delivered. Prices are still stabilizing this week. Up to the time of submission, the mainstream tax-bearing quotation of grade 0 sponge titanium is 66-68,000 yuan/ton, the tax-bearing price of TA1 titanium ingot (round ingot) is 72-75,000 yuan/ton, and the tax-bearing quotation of TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) is 77-80,000 yuan/ton. Main raw materials of sponge titanium: magnesium ingot (Mg9990 simple packaging) mainstream quotation is 18000-18300 yuan/ton; titanium tetrachloride transaction price is 7600-7800 yuan/ton.

Some influencing factors in the market next week: 1. Market supply may continue to decline, downstream purchase orders have no growth trend, most manufacturers have no inventory pressure for the time being. 2. Raw material prices are already at a high level, but they may remain stable due to the shortage of supply, but they may rise with the decrease of inventory. 3, environmental inspectors are still in progress, and the production of some enterprises will be affected.

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