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Stable operation of titanium slag Market in November

Nov.05 2018      Source:ruidow

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This month, the leading Northern Enterprises announced a slight reduction of 10 yuan/ton in the purchase price of chlorinated slag, which is almost for nearly 6,000 yuan/ton of products. At present, the demand for chloride slag is still at a low level, and the price of products remains unchanged. At the same time, the low volume of orders on the market also makes the operation rate of enterprises continue to run at a low level. Acid residue market orders still did not change, but due to the operating pressure part of the downstream enterprises, individual enterprises acid residue decrease its offering price, but has not cause effect on the overall market.

With the arrival of the off-season,It is expects that the titanium slag market will continue to operate at a low level in the future. Among them, the chlorinated slag market will maintain a low price, low transaction status unchanged; while the acid slag market will be affected by the weakening of the titanium dioxide market, facing downward price pressure after New Year's Day. In addition, affected by the deterioration of trade war, the next 3-6 months, the downstream industry performance or will weaken, then may have a negative impact on the price and demand of acid slag.


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