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05 2017
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Zircon market review(10.29-11.02)

Nov.05 2018      Source:ruidow

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Zircon sand

This week zircon sand quotation is somewhat difficult to maintain, and the price trend is slightly down. At present, 65% of the high-grade sand in Hainan is quoted at around 10 800-11 000 yuan/ton without tax, and the price with tax is about 12 000-12 500 yuan/ton.

Prices have been volatile, coupled with tight liquidity at the end of the month, so enterprises sell at low prices. At present, the RMB exchange rate against the USD is still fluctuating at a high level, and the cost pressure of the concentrator is still high. However, in the later period, the demand downstream is cold due to ceramic factory stop production and maintain the machine, and the price of zircon sand is still likely to fall.

Zirconium silicate

There is no good news in the zirconium silicate market this week. At present, 63% of zirconium silicate without tax price is 12000-12300 yuan/ton and 64.5% of zirconium silicate has tax price is 13800-14500 yuan/ton. The low transaction price still exists.

However, downstream ceramics market have been cold due to decrease of export and costs increase of natural gas, so some of enterprise have choose long-term production cuts and shutdowns , it make zirconium silicate manufacturers unable to see signs of warming up.

With the continued collapse of ceramic market sales, the competition in zirconium silicate market is becoming more and more fierce. Whether zirconium silicate enterprises are fighting independently or hugging for heating may also be an important factor affecting the later market.


This week, the price of zirconium oxychloride remains unchanged. The mainstream price is about 16800-17300 yuan/ton, and the transaction price is about 16500-17000 yuan/ton. However, there is still a lower price on the market, which is basically below 16500 yuan/ton.

At present, downstream customers are still basically stable, but because of the weak demand in the terminal market, some enterprises said that the overall sales of zirconium oxychloride is not very good, and did not reach the desired level. With the coming of heating period, northern enterprises have made preparations for staggered peak production, and the market of zirconium oxychloride should stabilize in the later period.

Chemical zirconium

At present, the price of chemical zirconia has not changed much. The mainstream price is about 5300-60000 yuan/ton. The price of raw materials in the upstream has increased slightly, which not cause big impact on it.

In terms of market turnover, the overall turnover is relatively stable, especially for the old customers, but the turnover of new customers is not high, but the purchase frequency has not changed much. However, some downstream enterprises are also affected by environmental protection inspection, and the turnover has decreased.

Fused zircon

The low downstream demand of fused zirconium and the influence of the trend of contradiction between supply and demand make it difficult to convert cost pressure into product price. The current quotation has been maintained for a long time, basically maintained at about 32000-34000 yuan/ton.

Although the current quotation is not very volatile, but some companies said that because the market demand is not prosperous, some downstream customers are not able to accept the current price, expressed the hope that fused zirconium enterprises can reduce prices. However, the production enterprise of fused zirconium disclosed that the raw material cost increased, profit reduced, the possibility of price reduction is very small, and the price will be mainly stable in the later period.

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