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Titanium market weekly review(10.15-10.20)

Oct.22 2018      Source:beth



This week, 47.5% of the titanium ore concentrate enterprises in Panzhihua were in stable production. For 10 the titanium concentrates, some of them were suspended for some reasons. A new water-wash concentrator, which was originally planned to start production early this month, but has not yet output in large quantity. The mid grade titanium ore price is around 800-820 yuan/ton,if the price of 10 titanium concentrate without tax is calculated according to mid grade, it will be pushed up to 1 230-1 250 yuan per ton (cash)in future.

According to incomplete statistics, Panzhihua titanium concentrate output this week about 64,000 tons (of which about 46,000 tons of 47.5% titanium concentrate, 10 titanium concentrate is about 18,000 tons). As of Friday, the mainstream price of Panzhihua 10 titanium concentrate market is 1165-1200 yuan per ton (cash), 47.5% titanium concentrate market mainstream price is 1200-1300 yuan per ton (acceptance), Yunnan 45%  titanium concentrate market mainstream is about 1000 yuan per ton (acceptance), Mozambique domestic port delivery CIF is 175-185 USD / ton, Kenya titanium ore port domestic delivery does not include tax is 165 USD/ ton.

Titanium concentrate Marketforcase:

1.Affected by many factors, some titanium mineral processing enterprises and dry wash enterprises in Panzhihua area have suspended or will reduce production temporarily, and the production of 20 titanium concentrate enterprises is basically stable.

2.The start-up rate of Shandong titanium concentrate industry is very low due to various reasons (it is known that Shandong titanium concentrate has a capacity of 30,000 tons/month), and the railway transportation capacity in Xinjiang is relatively tight recently, which may have some influence on the  transportation of Xinjiang titanium concentrate.

3.Some TiO2 pigment producers in Panzhihua area have cut production, and the consumption of titanium concentrate is expected to decrease by about 6 000tons next week (titanium slag equivalent to titanium concentrate calculation).

4.The import ilmenite good-bad divide, that mean the ilmenite for tio2 pigment directly still tight supply with idea price, but for other usage ilmenite, the high stock situation on port will not change in short time.

Titanium slag

This week, the market of titanium slag is stable. As of Friday, Yunnan acid slag mainstream tax quoted 4100-4300 yuan / ton; Sichuan acid slag mainstream tax quoted 4300-4400 yuan / ton; high titanium slag (TiO2 < 90%) mainstream tax quoted 5950-6100 yuan / ton.

Part of the market factors next week: 1. Effected by environmental inspection,the cost Titanium mining enterprises prices slightly increased; 2. the price of large industrial electricity has not changed; 3. According to market data, the recent price of graphite electrodes is still relatively strong, market inventory is limited 4. Downstream demand: Titanium dioxide Market in the beginning of the month increase price; Titanium tetrachloride has a good price and start-up slightly increased, or support the price of titanium slag.

TiO2 pigment

This week, the Tio2 pigment market is flat.After enter into cold season, the construction speed will slow down and demand for painting will face off-season.  As of this weekend, the mainstream price of titanium dioxide basically maintained last weekend level. The mainstream tax price of rutile titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method was 16000-17800 yuan / ton, and the mainstream tax price of anatase titanium dioxide was 13700-14800 yuan / ton.

Market forcast:

1. At present, the price quoted by titanium concentrate manufacturers in Panzhihua area is firm. The mainstream price of 10 titanium concentrates is 1165-1200 yuan/ton (cash) without tax. The quoted price of some enterprises is even 1200-1230 yuan/ton (cash) without tax. The quoted price of 47.5% titanium concentrates is 1200-1300 yuan/ton (acceptance) without tax.

2. According to the collected LNG quotation, the price of this week's quotation has been mixed with that of last weekend's. Most enterprises have raised 200-350 yuan/ton, a few enterprises have reduced 100-150 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation range is 4250-4400 yuan/ton. Compared with last weekend's quotation, the average price has risen by 129 yuan/ton.

3. According to the price quoted by the pellet sulphur enterprises collected, some enterprises raised their quotations by 30-40 yuan/ton this week compared with last week, while the others maintained the weekend level, with the mainstream quotation range of 1410-1530 yuan/ton. Compared with last weekend, the average price rose by 20 yuan/ton.

4.At present, the production of titanium dioxide is profitable, titanium dioxide enterprises have a high production enthusiasm.

5.Influenced by many factors, the output of titanium dioxide in Sichuan and other regions has decreased.

6. According to a number of market participants, the current domestic titanium dioxide enterprise sales situation is different, the overall market is not too optimistic, and will soon enter the traditional off-season, the industry has different views on the future market.

Sponge titanium and titanium material

This week, the sponge titanium raw material price support finished products and market demand, sponge titanium market price is more stable. As of Friday, the 0 class sponge titanium mainstream tax included 66000-68000 yuan / ton. TA1 titanium ingot (round ingot) containing tax price of 72-74,000 yuan / ton, TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) containing tax price of 77-80,000 yuan / ton or so, but the actual transaction price has a certain decline. Sponge titanium main raw materials: magnesium ingots (Mg9990, no pickling, simple packaging) magnesium ingots this week by the main production areas of environmental supervision.Mainstream quotation is 18100-18200 yuan/ton; Titanium tetrachloride, due to environmental factors, some manufacturers have not resumed production, resulting in tight supply. The transaction price is 7500-7700 yuan / ton.

Next week's titanium market forcast: 1. At present, the supply and demand of sponge titanium market is still tight, downstream demand is strong, enterprise inventory is relatively tight. 2. The raw materials of sponge titanium are affected by environmental protection. At present, the market operation rate is low, the market supply is less, the inventory of the manufacturer is less, and the transaction price remains high. 3, sponge titanium production is supported by raw materials and other costs, and the quotation is stronger.

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