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Baotou Rare Earth Forum, the key points you can not miss

September 14, 2018      Source:ruidow

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The world rare earth is in China, and China rare earth is in Baotou. On the morning of Sep. 10, the 10th China Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum was held in Qingshan Hotel, Baotou City. The theme of this meeting is "New Age, New Thought, New Energy".


Zhao Jiangtao, Deputy Secretary and mayor of Baotou, presided over the opening ceremony of the forum. Relevant leaders of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce, Zhang Hongjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tang Renyuan, Cai Meifeng and other academician experts of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, relevant bureaus of the autonomous region and relevant leaders of Baotou, domestic and overseas rare earth enterprises, more than 600 guests attended.


Ruidow, as a co-organizer, participated in the whole process of the forum. We summed up the following points that you can't miss.


Part 1: some leaders' gave speeches, what is the focus of the government?


Bu Xiaolin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Autonomous Region, Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Yuanzhong, Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Autonomous Region, Zhang Shaochun, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region, Gan Yong, Chairman of the Forum and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Yao Huajun, director of the Ministry of Nature Resources Mining Rights Management, delivered a speech respectively.


Among them, it has done an important analysis on how to continuously strengthen the protection of rare earth resources; how to gradually optimize the industrial structure, and how to gradually improve the government management system. Ruidow divides into three parts.


1: Rare earth & Applications

Rare earth industry is still a long way to go in terms of innovation drive. The value of rare earth resources has not been fully brought into play. The application of heavy rare earth, lanthanum and cerium is not much, mostly imitated developed countries; the sustainability of heavy rare earth is insufficient, and private excavation and stolen mining occur frequently. The application balance problem of low abundance and high abundance of rare earth elements still exists.


2: Rare earth & Environmental protection

Enterprises do not eliminate pollution, that is, pollution eliminates enterprises. Only by regulating the upstream market control, doing a good job in the downstream, improving the quotation distribution, and green environmental protection, can make the rare earth industry develop sustainably and healthily. Strictly control the newly built of smelting and separating plants to crack down on illegal rare earth. Southern rare earth resources need to be more stringent protection, and local governments need the joint efforts and comprehensive investigation on the illegal rare earth.


3: Rare earth & Market

Strengthens the control of the rare earth group, clarifies the responsibilities of the six major groups, speeds up the internal integration of the rare earth group, compresses the production capacity, and strives to form 2 or 3 leading enterprises for deep processing. The use of high abundance rare earth elements should be increased in the northern, and the rare earth associated elements are equally important, such as the comprehensive application of chlorine gas produced by fluoride rare earth.



Part 2: Openning and signing, new dynamics in the market


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Bu Xiaolin, Mr. Zhang Yuanzhong, Mr. Tang Renyuan and Mr. Wei Shuanshi, Chairman of Baotou Iron and Steel Group, unveiled the nameplate of "Northern Rare Earth Permanent Magnet High Efficiency Motor Academician Workstation".


The forum has signed 43 projects involving permanent magnet, electronics, electrical machinery, medical, equipment manufacturing and other industries and end-use products, including the Sino-Pharmaceutical Group, Harbin Institute of Technology Robot, Antai Technology, Beijing Magnetic and other enterprises, with a total investment of RMB17.36 billion.


Part 3: Flourishing, New technology breakthroughs


The conference is mainly divided into five sub-sessions, which are "Promotion and Application of Rare Earth Functional Materials", "Rare Earth Market + Finance", "R&D and Application of Rare Earth Colorant Industry", "Development and Application of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor" and "Green Development of Rare Earth Mines". Authoritative experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from various fields are invited to give speeches and discussions on the theme of the sub-forum to give suggestions for the high-quality development of rare earth industry.


The application and market leading technology of rare earth are briefly introduced, including the development of cerium-iron-boron technology, rare earth based catalyst technology and application, nickel-hydrogen batteries for hybrid electric vehicles and their demand for rare earth, as well as the coloring of rare earth pigments in coatings, inks, textiles and glazed ceramics. The application of pigments has been reported in detail. In addition, there are important analyses on adjustment and upgrading, expanding application, realizing sustainable development of rare earth industry, policy industry and market perspective of rare earth resources in China.


Rare earth elements are well applied in all aspects, opportunities and challenges coexist.

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