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Zircon market review(8.13-8.17)

Aug. 20 2018      Source:ruidow

Keywords:zircon market

Zircon sand

At present, 65% of the zircon sand quoted price of high-grade sand without tax is10800-11000 yuan / ton, the price of some individual enterprises is lower. 66% the price of zircon sand with tax is 13000-13300 yuan / ton. The market is running normally.

Recently, Iluka announced that the reference price of zircon sand was increased by 170 USD/ ton to 1580 USD/ ton in the fourth quarter, and the planned output of zircon sand this year increased by 30,000 tons to 330,000 tons compared with the 300,000 tons planned at the beginning of the year. The Iluka zircon sand price increase may affect domestic concentrators, traders to reduce the phenomenon of dumping, or play a stable role in the market.

Zirconium silicate

The market for zirconium silicate continues to run sluggish this week, and there is no sign of improvement. The output of downstream ceramic plants has declined, and the demand for zirconium silicate as the upper reaches of the ceramic industry is rather weak. And the corporate attitude is pessimistic. At present, 63% zirconium silicate quoted price without tax 12,000-12,300 yuan / ton, 64.5 zirconium silicate quoted price with tax 13,800-14,500 yuan / ton.

On the other hand, with the approaching of the second round of "re-turn" inspection, it may affect the start-up of ceramic factories, and may continue to weaken the demand for zirconium silicate downstream. Under the double pressure, the zirconium silicate market may hang upside down.

Zirconium oxychloride

The market of zirconium oxychloride is weak and stable. At present, zirconium oxychloride is still in the off-season, the downstream demand is not strong, ordinary transactions, most of the old customers concluded. Except for some large factories which have maintained high prices above 17000 yuan / ton this week, the mainstream quotation is still around 16500 - 17000 yuan / ton.

Some time ago, the production of zirconium chloride was suspended, which alleviated the phenomenon that the market supply exceeded the demand, but the market was still oversupply. But at present, some big factories in the market offer slightly higher than the mainstream price, and Iluka in the fourth quarter rose the price of zircon sand, have played a certain role in stabilizing the market price, so the current market price of zirconium oxychloride should not fall.

Fused zirconium

At present, the electro-fused zirconium market is still stable, and the quotation is flat with last week. The mainstream quotation is about 33000-34000 yuan. The transaction is general. The purchasing price of the downstream enterprises is lower than the market quotation about 1000-2000 yuan per ton.

Recently, as the exchange rate of RMB against the USD continues to rise, and Iluka announced that the price of zircon sand will rise 170 USD per ton to 1580 USD per ton in the next quarter, the cost of fused zirconium market will increase, but the follow-up market of fused zirconium is very light, the downstream market is greatly affected by environmental protection, whether the price changes in the later period remains to be determined. However, it will not change in a short time, and now fused zirconium manufacturers mainly to consume inventory, and the market is light, the price will not change dramatically for the time being.

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