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Zircon weekly market review(7.23-7.27)

July 30 2018      Source:ruidow

Keywords:zircon market

zircon sand

This week, the price of zircon sand trade is not active, and prices remain basically unchanged. 65% advanced zircon sand does not include tax price is 10800-11200 yuan / ton, and 66% zircon sand contains tax is 13000 yuan / ton . There are many suppliers who have made many enquiries, but they have little turnover. Taking into account the influence of the current exchange rate, mineral processing plants are reluctant to take the goods at low prices. It is understood that at this stage, China is still in the seller's market, traders or concentrators want to buy new middling is still more difficult.

Zirconium silicate

Miu Bin, vice president of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, announced at the 2018 Zibo ceramic industry summit forum that the national building ceramics production was 4 billion 600 million flat in the first half of this year, down 17.7% from the same year. The magnitude of this decline has never been encountered for more than a decade. At the same time, the number of enterprises and the profit margins of ceramic industry have been reduced. This week, 63% zirconium silicate does not contain a tax price is 12000-12200 yuan / ton, and 64.5 zirconium silicate contains a tax price is 14000-14500 yuan / ton, which is difficult to advance as the raw material of zirconium silicate in such a severe environment.

Zirconium oxychloride

This week, the market of zirconium chloride is still weak, the volume is still not high, the price is still at the original 16500-17000 yuan / ton, but there is still a confusion of quotation, and the downstream customers most of them are in the wait-and-see state, and the purchase is less. Beginning in mid July, some enterprises began to stop production and suspend because of hot weather. Recently, large factories are ready to resume production. The production and maintenance time is mostly about 20-30 days, to a certain extent, to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand in the market.

Chemical zirconium oxide

The mainstream price of ordinary chemical zirconia is 55000-58000 yuan / ton, the decrease is 2000-3000 yuan / ton, the decline is not big; market turnover is also good, relatively stable. Due to the low market season, the downstream enterprises are not in high stock recently, but the frequency of purchasing is not much different from that before, and the number of them has decreased.

Fused zirconium

Compared with last week, the price of electrofusion zirconium still has no big change, the mainstream quotation is 32000-34000 yuan / ton, and the purchase price of some downstream enterprises is lower than the market quotation, but the demand in the lower reaches is cold and the volume is not high. Affected by the exchange rate, the cost of fused zirconium raw materials is rising, but the downstream demand is not high. It is estimated that the price of zirconium will not fluctuate greatly in a short time.


Refractories market is relatively light, downstream demand is generally, but there is no major change, the overall operation is relatively stable. Refractories enterprises have a certain stock of raw materials, raw material procurement has been relatively stable recently. In addition, environmental inspection has not had a major impact on it.

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