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05 2017
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"Reinspection" the environment protection, why the rare earth supply is greatly reduced in Ganzhou?

June 21, 2018      Source:ruidow

Keywords:rare earth

As the environmental protection  "reinspection" fully initiated, the recent pricres of Pr, Nd, Dy, Tb products kept rising. By the middle of June, ex-factory price of Pr-Nd oxide RMB344,000-350,000 per ton (incl. VAT), up by RMB 6500 Yuan/ton compared to last week; ex-factory price of Dy oxide is RMB 1.175-1.19 million Yuan/ton (incl. VAT), up by RMB20,000 Yuan/ton. Tb oxide has been quoted at RMB3.05-3.15 million Yuan/ton (incl. VAT), up by RMB50,000 Yuan/ton. The ex-factory (incl. VAT) quotation of the Pr-Nd alloy is RMB439,000-445,000 Yuan/ton, with an increase of RMB10,000 Yuan/ton.  Ex-factory price (incl. VAT) of Dy-Fe is RMB1.18-1.2 million Yuan/ton, up about RMB15,000 Yuan/ton.


Base on the maeket response, more separation plant is now having shutdown maintenance in Ganzhou, while some Baoto producers in Inner Mongolia also reduce production. The upstream supply drops down, then the market supply and demand relation slightly change. In addition, the sale reluctance of traders to stock up has also contributed to the continued price rise of Pr metal. As the key provinces for environmental protection reinspection, why Ganzhou is more seriously affected by environmental protection than Inner Mongolia?


Compared with the northern rare earth, the mining area of the southern heavy rare earth is generally small, and the resources of the individual mines are not large. In addition, the process of northern rare earth purification from concentrate is complex, while the relatively simple mining process of southern rare earth also provides an opportunity for illegal mining. By report, the southern rare earth market is more difficult than the northern. The illegal mining of rare earth minerals has kept the southern legitimate producers on the edge of profit and loss.


Ganzhou rare earth is the largest ore deposit in southern China, but according to industry insiders, Ganzhou Rare Earth Group is also forced by price competition to import mineral resources from abroad.


In general, the supply brought to the market by illegal mining in Ganzhou has contributed a major part to the total supply. Due to the influence of the environmental protection inspection, the illegal mining in Ganzhou has decreased sharply, resulting in a sharp decrease in supply. The recent crackdown on illegal rare earth mining has also put pressure on black miners. Therefore, compared with Baotou in Inner Mongolia, the impact of rare earth supply in Ganzhou is more serious than that in Inner Mongolia.

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