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The cost problem is to restrict the demand for titanium slag

July.13 2018      Source:beth

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North of china leading titanium slag company, Jinzhou titanium has issued a new round of bidding price for chlorination slag. The new price has dropped to 6000 yuan / ton from last month's 6080 yuan / ton. Because of the low price of the domestic slag, the enterprises of titanium slag have no profit space, some enterprises are even in a small loss situation, and the enthusiasm of the manufacturers is generally not high. According to the North titanium slag enterprise, the low price sales of chlorinated slag in a large domestic enterprise may be the main reason for this price reduction. It is said that the sale price of chlorinated slag is only 5800 yuan per ton for some enterprise. Due to the large capacity of titanium slag in China, the growth of downstream demand is far below the growth rate, and titanium slag enterprises are always in a weak position in the process of sale.

According to some of the overseas downstream enterprises, the supply of titanium materials in the international chlorination method is relatively tight, and some enterprises have been unable to produce enough products to meet the customer orders in the last year because of the shortage of raw materials. So what are the main bottlenecks affecting the export of titanium slag to China? The answer from foreign customers is: cost. A well-known international titanium dioxide producer said that last year, the company had some new customers' enquiries. However, due to insufficient supply of raw materials, it is impossible to produce surplus products for sale to new customers, only to ensure the supply of old customers. Compared with the international famous titanium producers, the price of China's Chlorinated slag is obviously too high, and the increase of cost has limited the enthusiasm of enterprises to increase production. That is to say, if the cost of domestic titanium slag can be effectively reduced, the titanium slag produced in China will also become the choice of foreign enterprises. Considering the increasingly environmental requirements in China and the high price of raw and auxiliary materials, the potential of traditional electric furnace smelting technology is limited. In the last two years, some of the new large titanium slag smelting furnaces will be able to reduce the cost if they can guarantee the operating rate, and then through the process improvement, it is possible to close the price of the foreign titanium materials so as to obtain the competitiveness of the international market.

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