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Zircon Market Review(5.07-5.11)

May 14 2018      Source:ruidow

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Zircon (5.07-5.11)

Zircon sand

This week, the domestic zircon sand market continued to operate steadily. The domestic market traded generally. Even if the raw materials were still tense, some concentrator still had the intention to raise the price, but the actual implementation situation was largely unchanged. 65% price of premium sand market is basically around 12500 yuan / ton, and 66% of the premium price sand is basically 13000 yuan / ton included tax.

At present, Australian Iluka zircon is 1440-1470 USD per ton, its second quarter order reference price is 1410 USD/ ton, Australian Tronox 66% zircon sand reported 1425-1445 USD / tons, South African Tronox66% zircon sand 1405-1415 USD / tonnes, RBM66% zirconium sand quoted price 1460-1480 USD / tons; 66% zircon sand main stream of Indonesia is 1570-1620 USD/ tons; CIF

Zircon silicate

Recently, the domestic market price of zirconium silicate has obviously increased, and the execution intensity is stronger than that in the early stage. More than 65% of the high quality zirconium silicate Market contains 14500-15000 yuan per ton of tax quotations, while the quotation of 64.5% high quality zirconium silicate market still remains between 14000-14500 yuan / ton, but most of the actual business enterprises say that the requirement is 14000 yuan / ton, and the turnover below 14000 yuan / ton will gradually decrease, and it is basically 13600 yuan / ton. Over the previous period, the price below 13500 yuan / ton has basically disappeared.

zirconium oxychloride

In the near future, the domestic market of zirconium oxychloride is relatively stable, the market mainstream quotation remains between 17500-18000 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction is a little messy, but it is difficult to exceed 18000 yuan / ton.

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