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Even price fall, the market prosperity of titanium dioxide market is still good

Apr. 23 2018      Source:ruidow

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Even Titanium dioxide pigment prices turn off, the industry still optimistic about market trend
Panzhihua small plant titanium dioxide pigment recently decrease offering price of 300-500 yuan / ton, some downstream customers reflect that the mainstream factory has also increased preferential measures to large customers. Untill April 12th, the mainstream factory price: rutile type 16000-17500 yuan / ton, anatase type14000-15000 yuan / ton. Compared to the end of March, most manufacturers price has not changed, only the ShangDong Dawn titanium dioxide  raised ex factory price of 1000 yuan / ton. The industry insider said that small factories cut prices, big factories through preferential price , in some way also decrease price.
The reason is that of different regions, customers requirement and other factors have changed, so that according to their own conditions,some place or factory decrease offering price ,but it don’t enough make the whole market downturn or affect the "prosperity" of the whole market; the business mode of each enterprise is different, the market is "dynamic", can not be the same? As the market changes, it is the characteristics of marketization.
Compare with 2012, the cost of titanium dioxide pigment costs increase 3000-5000 yuan per ton; especially the increase of environmental protection, tax, artificial, transportation costs. The promotion of product quality and research need "money" support. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the treatment cost of "solid waste" is "surprised". The cost of titanium gypsum treatment will be "priceless", and the fatal thing is that if we fail to deal with it, we will face "shutting down".
At present, because the chemical products are affected by the Sino US trade friction, the short-term market occure the uncertain digestion period, the domestic structural deleveraging and the real estate policy changes make tio2 pigments price not stable and changes.But the downstream demand is gradually restored with resume of construction in summer, the market prosperity of titanium dioxide market is still good.

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