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05 2017
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The rare earth market price continued to rise

March 9, 2018      Source:ruidow

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After a two-day adjustment from last Thursday to Friday, the rare earth market prices this week continued to rise. The current market sees more inquiries, especially by the downstream manufacturers. Besides, the vast majority of upstream businesses are optimistic towards the future market. Although they will sell the products at a proper price, the willingness is still less strong. And the shipments are not large, with the scarce turnover.

In terms of the praseodymium and neodymium, the current mainstream transaction price of praseodymium oxide is around 450,000-460,000 yuan / ton, neodymium oxide of 355,000-375,000 yuan / ton, with a growth in prices of 5,000 yuan / ton from last week. The average price of praseodymium increased from 365,000 yuan / ton to 373,000 yuan / ton, up by an average of 8,000 yuan / ton. The average price of metal praseodymium was 560,000-575,000 yuan / ton, up 2,500 yuan / ton from the previous week. The price of metal tantalum remained at between 458,000-478,000 yuan / ton. The mentioned products all have a small amount of transactions, while the whole market is waiting for the future price rise, especially looking forward to the price announcement by Northern Rare Earth.

The price of gadolinium oxide and dysprosium oxide continued to rise on Tuesday. The main transaction price of antimony oxide is over RMB 125,000 yuan / ton, seeing an increase of RMB 5,000 yuan / ton from last week. In addition, the transaction price of antimony oxide is RMB 1.21 to 1.22 million yuan / ton, with an average increase of RMB 15,000 yuan / ton over the previous week. Since the price of gadolinium dysprosium continued to rise, the transaction has been active again.

According to the insiders, the price rise is mainly caused by the market trend. If there is no supporting policies, the price is not really soaring. It is reported that the manufacturers hope to see the stable price. If the raw ore prices continue to come up, it will lead to the growth in the ore market, which will certainly affect the production costs of enterprises and is not conducive to the stable development of the market.

It is reported that the Northern Rare Earth will issue the listing price this Friday, when the public are expecting to see the growth in the heavy rare earth oxide market prices. Insiders generally believe that the listing price will increase compared to February, with the bull market or the increasing volume of products. During this week, we will focus on the northern rare earth price and follow up the market transactions.

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