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05 2017
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2018 Prospect of titanium market

Jan 4 2018      Source:ruidow

Keywords:titanium dioxide

First quarter (1-3 months):

January: the price of titanium dioxide will continue to remain high under the double effect of the limited production in winter and the price increase of the titanium dioxide giant overseas. The main price of the rutile type is around 15,500-17,500 yuan per ton, and the most of anatate type is 13,500-14,500 yuan per ton.

February: the Chinese traditional Spring Festival is the off-season of the supply and marketing, most of the factories will enter the maintenance period, the price will not have a big fluctuation.

March: at the beginning of the month with the holiday ended, the factories have started and enter into normal production, but at the end of March, titanium dioxide supply will usher in a turning point, with the end of winter limited production policy, titanium dioxide supply will increase, prices began to enter the steady weakening trend. However, at this time the environmental protection is expected to usher in a new round of verification. It seriously affects the construction and production of different regions.

Second quarter (4-6 months)

In April, the supply of titanium dioxide increased. If full load operation, the whole titanium dioxide supply will increase by 30% or more than that in the first quarter, and the price will repeat the situation in December 2017. The price is generally down 200-300 yuan per ton.

May -June: prices continue to decline, market transaction is cold. Summer is coming, and it will go to the peak of electricity consumption. If the titanium dioxide giant announced the price increase, the market will reverse the downturn and enter the next round of price rise.

Third quarter (7-9 months)

7-9 months: environmental protection is expected to continue to become a black swan event,the different provinces and regions will face new round of round verification, the price will be fluctutaion seriously during this period of. Henan baililian chloride titanium dioxide production will finished and their chloride titanium dioxide export volume will increase.

Fourth quarter (10-12 months)

October: after the ups and downs of the three quarter of the first half of the first half of the year, the market returned to a steady state.

11-12 months: November 15th is the traditional heating season. Coal heating and other winter heating will increase pollution of air. Titanium dioxide producers will face the winter limiting production.

Some light points:

1: "titanium dioxide enterprise profit increased, tons of profit more than 1000 yuan."

2: Industry concentration strengh, small enterprises will follow the pace with the large enterprises price adjustment.

3: With the increase in the share of China's titanium dioxide international market, exports continue to increase steadily

4: The new production or production of titanium dioxide in Guangxi, Shandong, Gansu and other places will increase .

5: limited production in the heating season of winter.

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