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05 2017
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Rare earth production enterprises operating rate declined

November 23, 2017      Source:ruidow


As the downstream demand in the rare earth market has been sluggish, leading to the backlog of the inventory of the upstream factories, and the market price in recent months has also been a downward trend, most manufacturers chose to reduce production, to circumvent the market risk.

According to Ruidow, at present, both rare earth smelting & separation plant and rare earth metal plant operating rates have dropped significantly, some companies’ operating rate was only about 20-30%, what is more, some factories have suspended production. "At present, the operating rate of our factory is very low, the goods are not sold well now, we have to cut down the production." A domestic rare earth smelting separation plant leader told Ruidow.

At present, the operating rate of rare earth metal factories also dropped significantly. Since the prices of rare earth metals have been falling, most NdFeB plants purchased on demand, which lead to the decrease of metal factory sales and the increase of inventories.

The current mainstream praseodymium neodymium oxide price was RMB 350,000 -370,000 / t, also the market had lower prices, and the market volume was very small. The mainstream praseodymium neodymium metal transaction price was RMB 450,000 – 470,000 / t, the volume was not large.

Most market participants are not optimistic about the market outlook. "This year the market may not have too much improvement, unless there are very good news." A domestic trader said. According to the analysis, although the rare earth market is unsatisfactory, this is a normal market reaction. The price drop and the decrease in shipments will naturally lead to a sharp drop in operating rates. Then as the number of shutdown factories increases, stocks are slowly depleted. When inventories are low to a certain extent, and demand will rise sharply, and the market will then start a rising mode.

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