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05 2017
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Tio2 pigment demand will increase from 2017 to 2018

Nov.2 2017      Source:ruidow

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According to the report prospective research released the" 2017-2018 the market demand of titanium dioxide industry analysis” , the domestic titanium dioxide demand growth will be 10% to 8%.In 2017, domestic newly demand will increase 210 thousand tons (150 thousand tons for painting, 30 thousand tons for plastic, 30 thousand tons for paper);In 2018 domestic demand will add 180 thousand tons (120 thousand tons for painting , 30 thousand tons for plastic, 30 thousand tons for paper industry). The demand growth rate is higher than the productivity growth that make supply and demand tightening in future.
About 60% used in the coating industry, and mainly for building coatings, so the demand for titanium dioxide have closed connection with real estate. It is a typical real estate after cycle industry. Housing sales square meters is a good index to show the demand of titanium dioxide. Combined with the growth rate of housing sales area and the lag time for coating consumption, we can roughly predict the growth trend of titanium dioxide demand.
It is reported that for the first three quarters,real estate development investment is 8064.4 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.1% , an increase of 2.3% than the same period of last year. Among them, residential investment increased by 10.4%. Housing new construction area is 1 billion 310 million 330 thousand square meters, an increase of 6.8%, of which the new residential construction area increased by 11.1%. It can be predicted the paint industry recovery, the market demand will be sustainable increase.
Since 2016, the price of titanium dioxide enter into the ascending period, which make the enterprise have strong desire to resumption production.Those with capacity to reopen already produce normally, some industry leading company actual operating rate is very high, even exceeded 100% operating rate. So the potential of increase actually output by the actually operating rate is limited.
In addition, after implement the most serious "environmental protection law" in history in 2015, the environmental protection department increase the penalties for titanium dioxide production enterprises, those small and medium-sized enterprises lack of environmental protection measures are forced to withdraw from market gradually , and large titanium dioxide production enterprises are also required to increase environmental protection equipment or upgrade environmental protection level. With the requirements of the sewage, the costs to increase improve the environment protection equipment will be higher.
At present, the environmental protection situation has brought obvious uncertainty to the f small and medium-sized titanium dioxide production enterprises, and the conservative estimate of the impact on production capacity is 300-500 thousands tons per year. The stock since the second half of 2016, generally show a decreasing trend. Although a slight rebound in the near future, but overall is still in a historical low position, reflecting the tight supply and demand pattern.
In 2016, the global consumption of titanium dioxide was 6 million 200 thousand tons, and China  now become the world's largest consumer of titanium dioxide, accounting for nearly 1/3 of global demand in 2016. And, in 2016 China replace the United States to become the world's largest exporter of titanium dioxide pigment. Some institutions predict that the average annual growth rate of titanium dioxide in China will be 5.6% in 2014-2019 years, and the consumption of titanium dioxide in China will reach more than 2 million 850 thousand tons in 2019.

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