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05 2017
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Tio2 pigment price increase 500 RMB per ton

September 7 2017      Source:ruidow

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Following the Yunnan xinli increase chloride tio2 pigment last week, the domestic tio2 pigment factory also rose price one by one this week, the range is around 500 RMB per ton, one reason is that the panxi ilmenite price increase price, another reason is that the paint and coating factory made price increase announcement recently;right now, the domestic rutile titanium dioxide mainstream price is 16000-17500 yuan / ton, anatase titanium dioxide prices are mostly concentrated at 13600-14500 yuan / ton.
Not the domestic tio2 pigment increase price, the Chemours also announce the Ti-Pure TM tio2 pigment selling price will increase 150 USD per ton since December 1 th. 
Looking back in the past, we can see that the reasons for increasing the price of raw materials are consistent with environmental inspect, the enterprise declare that it made company costs increase and then raised the price. But some industry guy pointed out that the industry environmental inspectors may be just a pretext that resulting in skyrocketing prices of raw materials;it is only for those raw materials enterprises to provide excuse. According to the coating procurement network statistics, since last year, the central environmental inspect after ten rounds, the cumulative increase of raw materials in paint and coating is very impressive, the rising rate greatly exceeded the the cost of environmental protection.
Since the environmental inspectors continued in the past two years, ilmenite pirce increased by 154%, titanium dioxide pigment (Rutile type) rose to 75%. Environmental inspectors become the reason for the rising prices of raw materials.
Environmental inspectors also caused some non-standard enterprises to upgrade equipment, and related enterprises believe that these have increased the production costs of enterprises. In fact, many rounds of price increases are lead by major enterprises, and these large enterprises are relatively standardized, environmental protection equipment upgrade is not issue for them anymore. 
Some industry sectors have entered the oligopoly pattern
In the field of raw materials, in fact, the right to speak at market already transfer to mouth of  large enterprises, many small and medium enterprises do not have the right to decide market trend.Every round of environmental inspectors has become an excuse for big enterprises to increase prices. Small and medium enterprises because of lack of strength, environmental protection facilities, technical team strength is not strong, the market share is not stable, it is difficult to stick together with large enterprises and market shares was eroded by tycoon bit of bit.
Lonmon billions, Shandong Dongjia ,zhonghe titanium take almost half of shares of market,  each price increase was initiated by these enterprises, other enterprises is follow. Weather they have good profits, please see their announcement. 
Lonmon billions semi annual report released in 2017, achieved operating income of 4 billion 960 million yuan during the reporting period, an increase of 282%; to achieve the parent net profit of 1 billion 310 million yuan, an increase of 1742.3%. The company expects 1-9 months to achieve the mother's net profit margin of 1.8-1.9 billion yuan, an increase of 1406.5%.
zhonghe titanium released the first half of 2017report, the company first half revenue is 1 billion 634 million yuan, an increase of 75.07%; net profit is 235 million yuan, an increase of 2121.95%.

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