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05 2017
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Operation of domestic titanium concentrate limited

August 25 2017      Source:ruidow

Keywords:titanium concentrate

This month under environmental investigation,the enterprises operating continuously is limited, most of that inventory is tight. At present, although the downstream with poor demand, but under the high pressure of environmental protection, the time of restart is difficult to determine, titanium concentrate enterprise price is strong.
Panzhihua area titanium concentrate enterprises operating rate is low, production has been reduced this month, even if certain enterprises have certain inventory, but they do not want to sell and are watching the market. This month, Panzhihua titanium concentrate enterprises 46% titanium concentrate excluding tax, offer mostly is 1500 yuan / ton ,the actual implementation price is1300-1350 yuan / ton. Recently, although there are news that this week that environment checking group will leave but most enterprises still do not confirm this saying. 
Shandong has been a major environmental disaster areas, most enterprises can not start, bullish mood warming, the actual transaction firmly implemented, at present, Shandong 45% titanium concentrate does not tax, the transaction price is mostly 1250-1300 yuan / ton. Chengde titanium concentrate operating rate increased slightly, but the stock shortage, the current market is wait-and-see, the price is temporary stability, the current 45% local titanium concentrate does not tax  is mostly 1050-1100 yuan / ton.
In addition, the recent Hainan area of environment investigation and influence,the local operating rate of titanium close to 50%, the enterprise supply is limited, but lower purchasing enthusiasm is not high, the local basic price stability. 
Yunnan titanium concentrate enterprises operating rate is very low, very tight supply, local shippers also raised the price of titanium dioxide, 45% local titanium ore price excluding tax increase to 900-1000 yuan / ton, the range is 100 yuan / ton, the market and even individual enterprises is optimistic outlook, hope the market price will be raised to 1200 yuan / ton.

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