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05 2017
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Panzhihua titanium market gradually tend to stable

July 5 2017      Source:ruidow

Keywords:panzhihua titanium market

Since the middle of last month, the Panzhihua ilmenite price sharp plunge but it tend to stable at beginning of June. Now the prices exclude tax is 1,250-1,300 yuan / ton.

Since the price was reduced to 1,300 yuan / ton last month, the price of the small factory was reduced to 1,200 yuan / ton. And this price makes some small factories can not continue to operate, and then choose to stop production.

In the next period of time, titanium production capacity in Panzhihua will decline. Therefore, the local titanium market will trend to stalbe temporarily. In addition, during the local environmental remediation, illegal small plant Yanbian county  was completely demolished, which make the ilmenite capacity decrease slightly.

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