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09 2020
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Panzhihua's Titanium Industry Has Strong Development Momentum

Mar.23 2021      Source:ruidow

Keywords:titanium feedstock

  In 2020, despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, due to the increased demand for titanium alloy materials by aviation, military industry and chemical industry, Panzhihua, the largest titanium industry base in my country, has a strong development momentum in its titanium industry. According to statistics from Panzhihua Vanadium and Titanium Industry Association, in 2020, Panzhihua City will produce 5.11 million tons of titanium concentrate, an increase of 35.3% over 2019; 513,900 tons of titanium dioxide, an increase of 14%; 23,000 tons of sponge titanium, an increase of 20.9%; titanium Ingots amounted to 2,780 tons, a year-on-year increase of 54.3%. Its growth rate is much higher than the average growth rate of other industries. 

  The Panzhihua Titanium Industry Project has made gratifying progress. Panzhihua Iron and Steel's 100,000-ton blast furnace slag high-temperature carbonization and low-temperature chlorination project to produce 15,000 tons of chlorinated titanium dioxide has successfully reached production. The project uses blast furnace slag to produce titanium dioxide, which reduces the cost by about 3,000 yuan per ton compared with the production of titanium concentrate. At present, Panzhihua Iron and Steel has begun to deploy and expand its production capacity. Lomon's 500,000 tons of titanium concentrate production titanium chloride slag project has entered the commissioning stage and will soon enter trial production. Panzhihua Iron and Steel's high-end titanium alloy project workshop has been completed, and installation and commissioning can be done when the imported equipment arrives. Most of the more than 10 titanium projects introduced from Baoji have been put into production one after another. The tailings re-selection process of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Mining was successful and passed the appraisal. In the future, the tailings of Majiatian tailing pond can be taken out and re-selected, and 10 million tons of iron ore concentrate and 3 million tons of titanium concentrate can be obtained, worth 15 billion yuan.

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