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09 2020
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The impact of Inner Mongolia's "dual control" policy on the local titanium slag plant

Mar.11 2021      Source:ruidow

Keywords:titanium feedstock

  Affected by the “dual control” policy of Inner Mongolia, that is, under the control of total energy consumption and energy intensity, the high-energy smelting, including large-scale power cuts in industries such as calcium carbide and steel, has recently been fermented in Inner Mongolia, resulting in a decline in output and an increase in electricity costs.

  Inner Mongolia is the main production area of high-titanium slag in China. The newly expanded 300,000-ton high-titanium slag project is mainly concentrated in the Ulan Qab area. The furnace type is also a large furnace of 33000KV, and the site is a non-compliant area of Inner Mongolia. But as far as reliable news is concerned, this policy has not affected the high-titanium slag production projects in Inner Mongolia for the time being, and the company's production and delivery are in normal operation.

  The rapid and excessive launch of high-energy-consuming projects is the main reason for the large increase in local energy consumption. One of the biggest competitiveness of Inner Mongolia is that energy products such as coal have a price advantage. Therefore, the phenomenon of extensive energy use is very common. With the introduction of the "carbon neutral" target, it is worthwhile to notice whether the electricity cost in the region will rise sharply in the future.

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