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09 2020
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The Titanium market is generally turn to up trend

Mar.01 2021      Source:ruidow

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The port spot market quotation of imported titanium concentrate has been raised as a whole, especially the high-grade titanium concentrate, which is in short supply. Among them, 46% of Mozambican titanium concentrate market mainstream price with tax is about 1950 yuan / ton, and more than 54% of low impurity high-quality titanium concentrate price with tax is more than 2150 yuan / ton.

More than 20 titanium dioxide enterprises announced an increase of 800-1200 yuan / ton before and after the Spring Festival. Titanium dioxide plant full-capacity production, good market expectations, accelerate the investment enthusiasm of some chloride process plants.

This month, the main market price of rutile titanium dioxide was basically adjusted to 17000-18100 yuan / ton, and the main market price of anatase titanium dioxide was adjusted to 14200-15000 yuan / ton. Due to sufficient orders received by factories and rising raw material prices, it is expected that the domestic titanium dioxide market will still run well in a short time.

The operating rate of titanium tetrachloride enterprises are stable, and the long-term cooperation with downstream. After the festival, affected by the increase of raw material prices, the new single quotation of each factory has an increase of 500 yuan / ton.

Domestic rutile spot scarce, so the new single price continued to rise. After the festival, 95% of the mainstream rutile market with tax is basically more than 10000 yuan / ton, and 90% rutile without tax is also more than 7000 yuan / ton

With the increase of terminal operation rate after the festival, it is expected that the titanium market will maintain an upward trend in the short term.

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