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09 2020
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Titanium Market Review(2020/11/16-11/20)

Nov.24 2020      Source:ruidow

Keywords:titanium dioxide


This week, Panzhihua area titanium concentration cash ex factory about 1350 yuan / ton, 10 ilmenite mainstream quoted cash ex-factory without tax about 1980 yuan / ton, basically the same as last weekend. As the current price of 10 titanium concentrate is slightly higher than the transaction price of downstream titanium dioxide, the resistance of downstream purchasers is high, resulting in the general transaction of 10 titanium concentrate in Panxi this week, and some downstream enterprises are waiting for Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co. to issue new prices in the later ten days of this month. Most domestic titanium dioxide enterprises actively try or use titanium concentrate outside Panzhihua Xichang area and imported titanium concentrate, resulting in a small increase in quotations of some Chengde titanium concentrate and Vietnam titanium concentrate. As of the end of this week, the mainstream quotation of 10 titanium concentrate in Panzhihua area is 1900-1980 yuan / ton, the acceptance of 20 titanium concentrate is 1890-1920 yuan / ton, the mainstream quotation of 45% grade titanium concentrate in Yunnan is 1600-1650 yuan / ton, the domestic port delivery price of Mozambique titanium concentrate TiO2 ≥ 50%) is about 290 USD/ ton, Kenny Titanium concentrate (refer to Base, TiO2 ≥ 49%) is delivered at domestic port without tax, and the quotation is about 250 USD/ ton.

Titanium dioxide

The titanium dioxide market has entered the traditional off-season, and the current titanium dioxide price is at the high level this year. The downstream buyers mainly wait and see and place orders cautiously. Affected by this, most titanium dioxide enterprises are not optimistic about the new price signing. However, due to the high production cost, the titanium dioxide production enterprises are more resolute in implementing the new price, and the mainstream market quotation of titanium dioxide is basically maintained last week Last level. As of the end of this week, the mainstream ex-factory acceptance price of rutile titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid process was 15000-15800 yuan / ton, and that of anatase titanium dioxide market was 12800-13500 yuan / ton.

Titanium slag

This week, titanium slag enterprises mainly deal with early orders, as the production cost has not been loose, the market quotation basically maintained the level of last weekend. As of Friday, the mainstream tax inclusive quotation of acid slag (TiO2 ≥ 73%) in Yunnan is about 4800-4850 yuan / T, that of Sichuan (TiO2 ≥ 73% - 74%) is 5050-5100 yuan / ton, and that of high titanium slag (TiO2 ≥ 90%) is 5300-5500 yuan / ton.

Titanium sponge, titanium material

This week, the sponge titanium market is stable, the price implementation is firm, sponge titanium manufacturers are still continuing the "one single discussion" by tele-communications inquiry method. The new orders are less signed, the manufacturers have a longer time to arrange orders, and the titanium sponge manufacturers are in short stock. Manufacturers are optimistic about the future market and still reluctant to sell.

As of the end of this week, most of the mainstream tax inclusive quotations of titanium sponge manufacturers were between 52000 and 60000 yuan / ton. The actual inquiry was mainly based on telecommunication, but the mainstream transaction price was basically around 52000-55000 yuan / ton. Tax inclusive price of TA1 titanium ingot (round ingot) is 65000-73000 yuan / ton, and that of TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) is 69000-78000 yuan / ton.

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