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09 2020
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The main producers of zircon sand reduced production to guaranteed price, and the zirconium market showed signs of recovery

Jul.31 2020      Source:ruidow

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According to iluka's announcement, the company's output decreased by about 10,000 tons in the second quarter to 42,100 tons, and sales recovered steadily, from 24,900 tons in the first quarter to 53,400 tons in second quater, thus stabilizing the market price. The price of zirconium sand (high quality and standard sand) fell by 6% in the first half of 2020 to US $1354 per ton. Base resources has reduced the zircon production plan in fiscal year 2021 from 31657 tons in fiscal year 2020 to 23000-27000 tons. In the face of market black swan and the decrease of economic activities, zircon sand major enterprises have taken the initiative to reduce production and maintain price, thus stabilizing the market.

In particular, China's overall economics begin to recovery, especially the real estate industry, according to the National Real Estate Development Bureau , the brand house develop company showed a slow growth of investment in the first six months and increase 1.6%,from January to March, the decrease of 7.7% turned to increase.

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