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09 2020
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Tianyuan Group: 50,000 tons of titanium dioxide produced by chlorination process has been completed and partially sell

Jul.29 2020      Source:ruidow

Keywords:titanium dioxide

Tianyuan Group (002386. SZ) announced that 50,000 tons of chlorinated titanium dioxide invested and constructed by the company's raised funds has been completed and partially transferred to fixed state, and the product quality put into the market has been recognized by customers.

In order to reduce the dependence on imported titanium resources, according to the goal of using "Panxi titanium ore + Tianyuan Technology" to produce high-quality chlorinated titanium dioxide, the company increased the research and development of titanium dioxide resource utilization in Panxi and Yunnan, and finally realized the localization and industrial cycle of titanium dioxide raw materials. Through continuous transformation and optimization of imported technology and ingredient test, the company's chlorination titanium dioxide product quality has been continuously improved, and the quality of the best grade product has reached the domestic leading level, which marks that Tianyuan Group has become a very few enterprises that really master the complete technology of titanium dioxide by chlorination method in China, laying a solid foundation for the company's later capacity expansion.

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