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09 2020
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Titanium market weekly Review(7.6-7.10)

July 13 2020      Source:ruidow



This week, the output of titanium concentrate in Panzhihua area is basically at normal level. The supply of titanium madlings-tailings in Panxi area is tight, and its price continues to rise. At the end of this week, the ex factory price of titanium middlings without tax of some water dressing enterprises rose to about 900 yuan / ton. Supported by this, the price of 10 titanium concentrate was pushed up to 1300 yuan / ton or above by cash excluding tax. At the weekend, enterprises offered 1350 yuan / ton, with more market inquiries and cautious downstream purchasing. The price of 20 titanium concentrate was stable, which was the same as last weekend. The price of mainstream imported titanium concentrate is stable. As of the end of this week, 10 titanium concentrate in Panzhihua area has been quoted in cash delivery of 1280-1320 yuan / ton; 20 titanium concentrate mainstream acceptance price exclude tax is 1300-1350 yuan / ton; Yunnan area 45% grade titanium concentrate mainstream quotation ex factory without tax about 1000 yuan / ton (acceptance); Mozambique titanium concentrate (refer to Kenmare, TiO2 ≥ 50%) for domestic port delivery without tax quotation is about 270 USD / ton The price of Kenyan titanium concentrate (refer to Base Resouces, TiO2 ≥ 49%) delivered at domestic port without tax is about 230 USD / ton.

TiO2 pigment

This week, Lonman Bailians, Jinhai, Dongjia, Daoen and other dozens of titanium dioxide pigment enterprises sent letters to announce that the sales price of titanium dioxide was increased by 500-600 yuan / ton. Since the last ten days of last month, most domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers have raised the sales price. Although some enterprises have not release price announcement, they are actually has increased the price. The reasons for this price rise are: first, the production costs of titanium dioxide has increased; second, the market transaction is active; third, the price of titanium dioxide has been the lowest in recent five years. Titanium dioxide market as a whole is active, the signing of orders is good, and the transaction price has actually increased. As of the end of this week, the mainstream ex factory acceptance price of rutile titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid process was 12300-13200 yuan / ton, and that of anatase titanium dioxide market was 10600-11200 yuan / ton.

Titanium slag

This week, the acid slag market transaction is good, the price is basically stable, some enterprises' quotation rises slightly, the high titanium slag market demand is general, the price drops slightly. As of this Friday, the mainstream tax inclusive quotation of high titanium slag (TiO2 ≥ 90%) is about 5800-6000 yuan / ton, that of acid slag in Yunnan is about 3400-3500 yuan / ton, and that of Sichuan is 3600-3800 yuan / ton.

Titanium sponge

This week, the titanium sponge market continued the previous downturn trend, the mainstream transaction price is still low, most sponge titanium manufacturers are still continuing the previous "one single discussion" telecommunications based inquiry method. Trading remained light this week.

As of the time of publication, the mainstream tax inclusive quotation of grade 1 sponge titanium is 46000-54000 yuan / ton, the mainstream transaction price is basically about 46000-49000 yuan / ton, and the low price transaction price is about 45000 yuan / ton. The tax inclusive price of TA1 titanium ingot (round ingot) is 65000-67000 yuan / ton, and that of TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) is 70000-72000 yuan / ton.

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