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09 2020
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Export volume of fused zirconium exceeded 2000 tons in March

Jun.24 2020      Source:ruidow

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In March, the total export volume of fused zirconium increased significantly. The export volume was 2451 tons, some of which exceeded 2000 tons. It was also the month with the largest export volume in the past five years. Compared with February 2020, the export volume increased by 1480 tons, an increase of 154%; compared with March 2019, the export volume increased by 1240 tons, an increase of 102%. The export unit price is 4857 USD / ton, which is 5% lower than that in February 2020.

Among them, Japan is the country with the largest export volume, with the export volume reaching 620 tons, 488 tons more than February, 4.6 times more than February and 2.5 times of March 2019. The second largest export volume is France, with an export volume of 552 tons, about 5.8 times that of February and about 2 times that of March 2019.

February 2020 is the most serious time of the domestic epidemic. Most of the production enterprises of electric melting zirconium have not completely resumed production, and many enterprises have delayed the start-up time, which is also a reason for the low export volume in February.

Until March, although the domestic epidemic situation had not been completely controlled, at that time, the production enterprises of electric fused zirconium had basically resumed normal production, and the epidemic situation abroad had not occurred in a large scale. Many foreign enterprises prevented the epidemic situation from affecting exports and then purchased a large number of fused zirconium for stock, resulting in a significant increase in the export volume of domestic fused zirconium.

Liaoning, Anhui and Fujian are the three provinces with the largest export volume, accounting for 88% of the total export volume. However, too much stock up is also easy to affect the subsequent export of fused zirconium, especially after the spread of the epidemic in foreign countries, the operating rate of foreign enterprises is also affected by the epidemic.

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