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09 2020
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Zircon market weekly review(6.08-6.12)

Jan.12 2020      Source:ruidow

Keywords:zircon market

Zircon sand

65% of high-grade sand includes tax is 10700-11000 yuan / ton, CIF price of high-grade sand is 1400-1430 dollars / ton;Indonesia premium sand is 1450-1500 dollars / ton; Iluka MB sand is  1480-1530 dollars / ton; Tronox Australia sand 1450-1500 dollars / ton; Tronox South Africa is 1430-1450 dollars / ton; RBM ZUG sand is 1380-1400 dollars / ton; The sales volume of zircon sand in May was relatively weak. Some enterprises said that the number of inquiry in May was significantly reduced, and the volume of transactions was about half of that in March and April, especially in refractory materials, precision casting and other industries, which may be affected by the decrease of export orders. Therefore, zircon sand price has also been loosened, and the price of 65 degree high-grade sand has been slightly reduced by 100-200 yuan / ton.

Zirconium silicate

The turnover of zirconium silicate continues to be cold, the export situation of ceramic market is relatively poor, and the order is difficult to rise, so the operating rate of ceramic production enterprises is still not ideal, but some enterprises say that the operating rate of ceramic enterprises has picked up slightly in the near future, but the following is still weak, so the sales situation of zirconium silicate has not improved much in the near future, and the competition is still fierce. At present, the tax inclusive price of 63% zirconium silicate is about 11800-12100 yuan / ton. The price of 64.5% zirconium silicate is about 12500-13000 yuan / ton. Because of the different ways of order transaction, the transaction price will be different.

Zirconium oxychloride

Zirconium oxychloride deals also not ideal and the recent transaction situation is far from the March / April. On the one hand, the volume of export orders has been reduced, on the other hand, domestic shipments are also difficult. Some enterprises said that from the end of April, it was obvious that the purchase volume of downstream customers had decreased, especially in May. Therefore, the price of zirconium oxychloride also decreased slightly. At present, the quotation of the large factory is 14200-14800 yuan / ton, but now it belongs to the buyer's market, with frequent price negotiation and pressure, so the transaction price is lower. In addition, the quotation of small and medium-sized enterprises is basically lower than that of large factories.

Fused zirconium

The market of the downstream pigment and refractory industry is not very ideal. Although the production enterprises are in normal production, the demand of the terminal market is not strong, so the starting situation is general, the purchase demand for raw materials is not high, and the sales of electric fused zirconium is blocked. The bargaining power of downstream enterprises is relatively large, so the transaction price is slightly lower. The situation in the foreign market is not very good either. Some enterprises say that export orders have declined. Therefore, the price of fused zirconium is mainly based on the hard price, but it is also difficult to stabilize the price. At present, the price of 98.5% refractory grade fused zirconium is about 24000 yuan / ton, and the price of pigment grade is about 25500 yuan / ton.

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