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09 2020
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Chloride Process-based TiO2 Production with Annual Yield of 500 Thousand Tons Starts in Tangshan

Jun.12 2020      Source:ruidow

Keywords:tio2 pigment

Tangshan Yanshan Iron & Steel invests RMB 8 billion in chloride process-based TiO2 production in the Nanbao Economic Development Zone. The production area covers 732 mu with an annual yield target of 500 thousand tons. It's expected that the annual sales revenue will be RMB 10 billion with an annual profit of RMB 1.8 billion.

With the rapid development of construction, papermaking, chemical fiber, and plastic rubber industry, the coating industry has seen opportunities. The coating industry consumes over 50% of domestic TiO2 and as the construction industry and real estate market prospers, the coating industry has great potential. Coating industry, plastic industry PVC profile manufacturers, papermaking industry, and ink industry are the main consumers of domestic TiO2. The future demand growth from the domestic market particularly the coating industry will be 6.6% and PVC profile manufacturers will remain between 10%~15%. It is predicted that the yearly domestic demand for TiO2 will grow at a rate of no less than 10%. By 2019, the demand for TiO2 was 23,456.1 thousand tons. The domestic market demand is huge, especially for the high-grade chloride-processed rutile-type TiO2.

 Statistics show that in 2019, the total output of 41 processed TiO2 enterprises with normal production conditions in China reached 3.18 million tons, with a year-over-year increase of 7.69%. In 2019, the total output of 4 chloride-processed TiO2 providers in the country was 209,000 tons, exceeding 200,000 tons for the first time in history; in 2019, chloride-processed TiO2 accounted for 6.56% of the total domestic TiO2 production, and 8.20% of the year’s rutile-type production.

 As we know, Tangshan Nanbao Development Zone has abundant raw materials for TiO2 projects. Most significantly, the Tangshan Sanyou Group can provide plenty of chlorine and caustic soda to ensure the normal operation of TiO2 projects, and other necessary raw materials can also be purchased from Tangshan and its surrounding areas. There are multiple available suppliers and resources.

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