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09 2020
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Sponge titanium prices plummeted and then stabilized

Jan.1 2020      Source:ruidow

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In April, the domestic epidemic situation was basically controlled, the logistics was restored, and most sponge titanium plants were able to produce normally. However, due to the increasingly serious epidemic abroad, the export was blocked, and the impact on the domestic market was not small. Price chaos has also made the wait-and-see attitude of both sides of the market strong, coupled with the market demand downturn, resulting in fewer new orders. In April, various sponge titanium factories adjusted their prices one after another

In April, the main quotation of 0-grade sponge titanium was 60000-81000 yuan / ton, most of the transaction prices were 63000-72000 yuan / ton, TA1 titanium ingot (round ingot) was 73000-75000 yuan / ton, and TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) was 78000-80000 yuan / ton.

In May, the price of sponge titanium dropped from 75000 yuan to 65000 yuan, then quickly dropped to 55000 yuan / ton, and then it was temporarily stable in the line of 53000 yuan / ton. At present, the number of domestic main titanium sponge users is relatively stable, while small and medium-sized users show a certain wait-and-see mood.

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