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Titanium dioxide exports decline nearly 50% in the short term or will continue to be weak

Jun.1 2020      Source:net

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  In the last week of May, the market of titanium dioxide still hasn't changed this week, or even declined compared with the previous week. This week, enterprises in Sichuan Province have quoted prices of 13000 yuan / ton, while those in other regions have also declined slightly. At present, some enterprises in Shandong Province have made external quotations to 14000 yuan / ton. At present, in addition to several enterprises at the head and some small enterprises with fixed customers, most enterprises have reduced their prices to about 13500 yuan / ton, while the mainstream market price has now reached 11900 yuan / ton, especially some manufacturers in southwest and South China, There is still room for negotiation over the price of 11900. This week, some manufacturers began to move closer to 10000 yuan / ton. In addition to the price of 11500 yuan / ton for some enterprises in Guangxi, most enterprises have entered the price of 10500-11000 yuan / ton, and some mainstream market prices may have reached about 9000 yuan / ton.
  The import and export data of April has been released. Exports are down nearly 50% from March to April. At present, affected by the epidemic, a lot of goods are temporarily stored in the port and not delivered to overseas customers. Affected by the epidemic situation, not only the overseas orders of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises are reduced, but the existing orders are required to be delayed; on the other hand, the downstream enterprises of titanium dioxide are affected, not only the foreign trade of domestic titanium dioxide downstream enterprises is affected, and the export of foreign titanium dioxide downstream enterprises is also frustrated.

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