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09 2020
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Titanium Market Review(4.20-4.24)

Apr.27 2020      Source:ruidow



According to incomplete statistics of the Vanadium and Titanium Trading Center, the output of titanium concentrate in Panzhihua area from April 18th to 24th (a total of 7 days) was about 60,900 tons (newly added to Huihui Industry, and Huizhi Tianxia) The average output is about 87,700 tons, of which: 10 titanium concentrate output is about 23,400 tons, the average daily output is about 0.33 million tons; 20 titanium concentrate output is about 37,500 tons, the average daily output is about 50,400 tons.

Recently, the main reason for the decrease in the output of titanium concentrates: maintenance of a 20 titanium concentrate production enterprise in Panzhihua, and some water separation plants in Gaoliangping and Wudaohe were temporarily suspended. This week, the domestic titanium concentrate market continued to run weakly under the influence of the downturn in the titanium dioxide market. The prices of Panzhihua 10 titanium concentrates except Pangang fell to about 1,330 yuan / ton, but the transaction situation is still not very optimistic. 20 The price of titanium concentrate is basically stable, mainly to maintain the sales of old customers. The price of mainstream imported titanium concentrate is basically stable, and the price of some imported titanium concentrates is slightly loose, but the prices of high-quality imported titanium concentrates are stable. As of this weekend, the mainstream quotation of 10 titanium concentrates in Panzhihua region does not include tax and is 1330-1445 yuan / ton; the mainstream quotation of 20 titanium concentrates does not include tax and ex-factory is 1450-1500 yuan / ton (acceptance); 45% grade titanium concentrate in Yunnan region The mainstream quotation of the mine does not include tax and is shipped from 1100-1150 yuan / ton (acceptance); Mozambique titanium concentrate (refer to Kenmare, TiO2≥50%) domestic port delivery excluding tax quotation of about 260 US dollars / ton; Kenya titanium concentrate (Refer to Base, TiO2≥49%) The domestic port delivery price is 225 USD / ton without tax.

Titanium dioxide

This week, the titanium dioxide market is still very sluggish, with light transactions and turbulent prices. It is rumored that the price of a certain titanium dioxide company has been reduced by 1700 yuan / ton. The rutile sulfate rutile titanium dioxide price for dealers has dropped to less than 14,000 yuan / ton. The price of anatase titanium dioxide has dropped to about 11,000 yuan / ton. The vast majority of titanium dioxide production enterprises have high inventory of titanium dioxide and high sales pressure. As of this weekend, the mainstream ex-factory tax-accepted acceptance price of the rutile-type titanium dioxide market in sulfuric acid is 13,500-15200 yuan / ton, and the ex-factory tax-accepted acceptance price of the anatase-type titanium dioxide market is 11,700-12500 yuan / ton.


Titanium slag

This week, the titanium slag market is still very weak, especially acid slag transactions are light, market prices have fallen sharply, low calcium magnesium high titanium slag is supported by costs, and prices are basically stable. As of this Friday, the mainstream quotation of high-titanium slag (TiO2≥90%) including tax is about 6,450 yuan / ton, the quotation of mainstream slag in Yunnan is about 3,900 yuan / ton; the quotation of mainstream slag in Sichuan is 4,200-4450 yuan / Ton, individual companies quoted around 4,000 yuan / ton.


Sponge titanium, titanium material

This week, the sponge titanium market is still sluggish. Pansteel 1 # sponge titanium quoted at 66,000 yuan / ton; Baotai Huashen Titanium 1 # sponge titanium quoted at 73,000 yuan / ton; Zunyi Titanium 1 # sponge titanium at $ 73,000 / ton; The Group's new titanium industry 1 # sponge titanium price is adjusted to 64,000 yuan / ton; Anshan Hailiang Nonferrous Metal Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 1 # sponge titanium price 60,000 yuan / ton; Luoyang Shuangrun Wanji Titanium Industry 1 # sponge titanium price 8.1 Ten thousand yuan / ton, Chaoyang Parkson Titanium Sponge Titanium Electric Price. The prices of sponge titanium of major manufacturers have not fluctuated significantly from last week, but the market transaction price is still confusing, and the overall price is low. As of press time, the basic transaction price of grade 0 sponge titanium is between 64,000 yuan / ton-72,000 yuan / ton , TA1 titanium ingot (round ingot) tax-included price of 73,000-75 thousand yuan / ton, TA1 titanium ingot (EB slab) tax-included price of 78,000-80 thousand yuan / ton.

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