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09 2020
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Titanium feedstock market monthly Review

Apr.07 2020      Source:ruidow

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The domestic ilmenite market has experienced fragmentation this month. The price of Panzhihua 20 # titanium ore has remained stable, but the price of 10 # titanium ore has fallen. Although the domestic epidemic situation has been improved and relevant policies are made to actively encourage resumption of production and resumption of work, downstream demand is still weak, and the export situation has become discouraging, due to insufficient orders, the downstream companies have a production rate significantly lower than the normal though resuming work. Along with the reduction in production of downstream enterprises, the price of Panzhihua 10 # titanium ore dropped by 100 yuan/ton later this month. 20 # titanium ore remains stable in price as it is dominated by a few large mines and has downstream fixed users.

The price of some imported titanium ore continues to rise slightly this month. As affected by the rise in the price of domestic titanium ore last month, the prices of imported titanium ore have also risen this month, but according to some downstream users, since the price of domestic titanium ore prices have increased excessively in the previous period, the price of imported titanium ore still have a cost-effective advantage.

The rutile market remains stable in March. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, the domestic titanium tetrachloride enterprises are still in production suspension, resulting in low demand for rutile and the tight demand & supply situation is thus improved.

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