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09 2020
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Zircon sand mining operations in some regions have been suspended due to the global epidemic

Mar.27 2020      Source:ruidow


Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 185 countries so far. All countries have strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures. Zircon sand in China is mainly imported, and the epidemic situation also affects the supply of zircon sand in China. Last week, many cities in Australia announced closure, but Iluka has not announced plans to stop production or reduce production, while another local mining enterprise revealed that the miners are exempt from isolation under special conditions, the mining area operates normally and is not affected by the epidemic. Mozambique is also not affected by mining. Some enterprises say that mining and transportation are normal at present. South Africa, the second largest producer of zircon sand, has announced to "seal the country" for 21 days. RBM, Tronox and other mining enterprises, responding to the national call, suspended mining operations for 21 days from midnight on March 26th to midnight on April 16th of local time. Madagascar last month strengthened its proposal for berthing ships, and industry insiders revealed that it has suspended the loading business of mineral sands; and Shengsheng mining, which supplies Indonesian zircon sands, said it has also suspended production since the situation turn to worse.
In 2019, China imported a total of 704,000 tons of concentrate (concentration +finished zircon). Due to the serious spread of the epidemic, some enterprises in the industry are worried about whether RBM and Tronox can resume normal operation 21 days later, and some enterprises are worried about more countries restricting mining in the future. At present, due to the slow recovery of domestic terminal industries such as ceramics, refractory and precision casting, the demand for zircon sand has not recovered, and the market supply is still relatively sufficient. According to ruidow, the inventory of RBM, Tronox and Shengsheng mining is not large at present. If the production is stopped for too long, it will inevitably cause the shortage of zircon concentrate supply in China.

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