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Titanium market Review(3.9-3.13)

Mar.13 2020      Source:net

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This week, the high price of Panxi titanium ore market has fallen. At present, the price of 38 titanium ore excluding tax is 1000-1050 yuan / ton; 46, 10 titanium ore excluding tax is 1580-1610 yuan / ton, and the price of 20 titanium ore is 1500-1550 yuan / ton. The quotation of small and medium-sized manufacturers continued to be high. In addition, Guangxi enterprises returned to work late and the capital flow back issues. The acceptance of the high-level quotation downstream was not high, while the cost of concentration was high, the purchase intention of the dry dressing plant was low, and the delivery of concentration was under pressure, so the quotation was lowered. The price of dry dressing plants also declined by about 20 yuan / ton. After the price increase of large factories last week, the market price of 50 prices is still lower than that of small and medium-sized factories. The quotation range of large and medium-sized factories is decreasing, and the high price returns rationally. With the increase of downstream construction, the demand for titanium ore further increases, and the price will maintain stable operation.

The market price of imported titanium ore is high, the price of Kenmare titanium ore 50 is 260 USD / T, and that of Kenya titanium ore 225 USD / T. The market is all spot supply. Due to the production of chlorination project, the demand for imported titanium ore increases. This year, market tension will become normal.

Titanium slag

The market price of high titanium slag is stable. The price of 90 high titanium slag in Liaoning Province is 6400 yuan / ton, including tax. Due to the high cost, the market price of titanium slag is higher. Because the price of titanium tetrachloride in the downstream is declining, the price of high titanium slag is difficult to rise, and the cost of raw materials is high. If the current price of raw materials is adopted, the high titanium slag enterprises have no profit. The supply of low calcium and magnesium is tight, coupled with the shortage of raw materials, the price will continue to rise.

The quotation of acid slag market is stable. With the alleviation of the epidemic situation, the enterprises have recovered one after another. The ex factory price including tax in Yunnan is 4100-4300 yuan / ton, and the ex factory price including tax in Sichuan is 4350-4450 yuan / ton. The price of raw material titanium ore is high, and the price of acid slag will run steadily.

Titanium tetrachloride

The price of titanium tetrachloride was partially lower and stable, with 7600-8200 yuan / ton of tax included. This week, Hubei enterprises are ready to resume production. Henan enterprises released more, with a surplus of market supply, a weak price reduction, and a high level of night chlorine. The cost of titanium tetrachloride enterprises increased. Due to the weak market and the sharp decline in corporate profits, the recovery of enterprises in Inner Mongolia was delayed. Market competition pressure, high prices may decline.

Titanium dioxide

This week, the titanium dioxide market has been basically stable. With the slow speed of resumption of construction, domestic trade orders of enterprises have increased, and the actual market price is also rising steadily. According to statistics, India (126900 tons), Brazil (72600 tons) and South Korea (62600 tons) accounted for 13%, 7% and 6% of the total exports in 2019. The epidemic continues to spread in Europe and has spread to more than 40 countries, including Italy's export of more than 10000 tons. In 2019, the total export volume of titanium dioxide to Europe from China is about 190000 tons. Domestic titanium dioxide export accounts for 30% of the total domestic volume. It is reported that there are enterprises delaying orders and export orders may be affected, while the price of titanium ore is high and tense. In February, the export orders of titanium dioxide enterprises increased significantly, and some goods are tight, the actual price may continue to rise.

Sponge titanium

This week, the sponge titanium market quotation is stable, some new orders of some enterprises are weak, the raw material titanium tetrachloride has declined, the sponge titanium market has inventory, and the downstream inventory is low. As the downstream procurement resumes, the sponge titanium order will be improved, and the price is expected to remain stable.

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