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09 2020
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The market of fused zirconium is recovering

Mar.6 2020      Source:ruidow


After March, the control of the epidemic is still strict, but the pace of production enterprises to resume production is more rapid. At present, the production of the fused zirconium enterprises has been restored, especially in the enterprises with more local employees, the production recovery is relatively rapid. However, the logistics management and control are still relatively strict, and the outbound logistics still need to be approved to go through various procedures, and the cost and time of enterprise procurement and shipment are still relatively high.

According to the fused zirconium company, although the company has started to resume production and continue to transport products, the production has only begun for a short time, and most of them are small-scale, and the operating rate is basically not high. At present, it is mainly to clear inventory, and it will take a certain time for the market to really recover to the usual level.

It is expected to wait until the end of the month or the beginning of next month. At present, some enterprises in the downstream steel industry have a relatively high demand for refractories, while the supply of refractories in the market is slightly in short supply. Therefore, if production does not recover in a large amount for the time being, there may be a slight increase in subsequent prices.

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